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Increase brand engagement and revenue with servitization

Adopt a subscription-based business model to succeed with today’s consumer

Consumers are now increasingly buying services over products, making a subscription-based business model an essential choice as companies seek to provide flexibility for their clients.

Initially deployed to allow customers to rent rather than purchase software, storage, and other capabilities, the servitization business model has since expanded to cover a variety of goods and services across all sectors of the economy. Servitization allows consumers to choose the offerings they need at the cost they want, while also benefiting the seller with recurring revenue and new opportunities for engagement.

This trend is changing the way enterprises sell, market, and interact with customers. It will be crucial for many players to consider the role of subscription-based services in their business model to succeed in this rapidly changing landscape.

Watch the video to learn how Capgemini helps organizations drive servitization to create new revenue opportunities, meet changing customer needs, and improve brand engagement.

Our AWS Partnership

Subscription business models come with unique challenges that our SaaS experts help navigate by sharing their learnings and best practices from years of outstanding client delivery. Our AWS partnership brings architects, engineers, and domain experts together to create outcome-based solutions for your customers by leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of the cloud. Our Subscription Revenue practice can help at any stage of your SaaS journey, from designing the business model to optimizing the infrastructure for a mature SaaS platform. Let us use our library of business accelerators and standardized architectures to help improve the velocity of your SaaS business to drive more value for you and your customers.

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