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Accelerated transformational technology that drives sustainable AI solutions

With NVIDIA at the forefront of accelerated computing and AI solutions, and Capgemini’s incremental data engineering and AI services, this powerful partnership paves the way to the next generation of internet-based innovation. Customers seeking to maximize the potential of AI and its application in the metaverse need look no further than Capgemini and NVIDIA. Our combined skills and capabilities enable businesses across all industry sectors to meet and even exceed the ever-increasing demands of consumers.  

From digital twinning to autonomous driving and metaverse landscaping to consumer engagement and genome discovery, Capgemini and NVIDIA accompany our customers into a new era of digital capabilities. We can help your business reduce time-to-market, boost profitability and customer satisfaction, develop and test new product concepts without fear of failure, and reduce risk, and its associated costs.

Generative AI

We can help you cut through the hype and unlock substantial business value by leveraging the potential of Generative AI.

What we do

ETL solution powered by NVIDIA RAPIDS 

Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) is a solution from Capgemini to improve performance and reduce customer cost. This solution is powered by NVIDIA RAPIDS data processing acceleration for Spark 3.0+ ETL batch processing for Databricks, Google Dataproc, and has demonstrated quick investment returns with immediate customer data processing savings and performance gains. ETL leverages the NVIDIA RAPIDS analysis tool to estimate customer savings without making any changes to the coding environment.

As customers continue to digitize every aspect of business planning, design, and operations, leveraging a digital twin for faster decision iterations and achieving highly efficient process is critical for every initiative. Capgemini leverages the NVIDIA Omniverse platform to allow retailers to improve their operations and enhances their end-customer experience.

Capgemini’s specialist life science teams are working with Nvidia to provide solutions to customers for drug discovery and development. NVIDIA’s suite of generative AI and healthcare life sciences solutions (BioNeMoNeMoParabricksRAPIDSMONAI, etc) empowers scientists and researchers to generate and design novel molecules and accelerate their time to market.

Meet our experts

Kevin Syslo

Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships
Strategy and partnerships professional who understands the combined value of clear strategy and tenacious execution. I’ve delivered results across a broad set of industry verticals with highly cross-functional and globally distributed teams. I bring a unique perspective to my work, informed by experiences over the past 15+ years as an engineer, management consultant, and entrepreneur.

Jack Ryan-Ashby

Global Partner Executive
Passionate about shaping and implementing impactful strategies with key partners to bring incremental value to our customers. He is passionate about emerging technologies, and holds deep specialization in Semiconductor and Silicon partnerships. Jack-Ryan successfully combines Capgemini expertise with our partners’ solutions to enable our customers to leverage Gen AI optimally for accelerated digitally transformation to drive tangible business outcomes.