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Establish the foundations of frictionless transformation and continuous innovation.

Capgemini’s Digital Twin solution is an integral element of our Frictionless Finance offer, and a key component of our Digital Global Enterprise (D-GEM) platform. Our solution leverages artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent automation, and data to drive a virtuous cycle of business mining, modeling, simulation, and improvement that delivers continuous innovation to your finance function.

Our solution identifies and overcomes friction in your business operations, modeling and improving your finance processes in a secure, digitally-isolated, real-time scenario to:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses across your organisation, including capacity limitations, bottlenecks, critical points of failure, and interdependencies
  • Enable frictionless decision-making through delivering data and insights
  • Capture, evaluate, and prioritise opportunities for end-to-end process transformation and improvement
  • Measure the impact of potential changes prior to them being implemented to a live environment
  • Create and test alternative flows and outcomes to understand how to deliver optimum value
  • Monitor your return on investment
Outcomes AI Digital Twin

In turn, this transforms your finance function to drive frictionless, enterprise-level value and outcomes across your organisation, including enhanced customer experience and decision-making, improved working capital and productivity, and reduced operating costs.

Digital Twin

Our solution underpins and supports our core finance solutions, which leverage an AI-augmented workforce, AI-driven operating models, and a partnership philosophy to drive frictionless processing. This enables your organisation to transition to – what we call – the Frictionless Enterprise.


Learn more about the Frictionless Enterprise with our Intelligent Business Operations.