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Technology, Innovation & Ventures

The new market context that we all face means that business leaders need to revisit their strategies. Innovation in the time of COVID-19, economic crisis and climate change is not an option – it is a must. Yet the exploitation of innovation is too often seen as an end-goal in itself, rather than as a pathway to a better way of working and living. At Capgemini, we believe in innovation that must be socially desirable, economically profitable and technologically feasible.

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The Role of Technology, Innovation & Ventures Capabilities

Capgemini brings together its Technology, Innovation and Ventures capabilities to support our clients’ need for sustainable growth:

  • Technology: We are dedicated to helping you take the strong leadership decisions that will help your business make the most of emerging technology. Capgemini’s approach enables you to anticipate the new trends, assess their potential, validate their enterprise-readiness, and exploit them responsibly. We do this through a future thinking and change making perspective.
  • Innovation: Capgemini’s proven discipline for applied innovation has demonstrated that organisations can transform at scale, with certainty and trust, and with the power of data and intelligence built in. A network of numerous Applied Innovation Exchanges support our customer’s innovation journey. An outcome that will benefit your employees, customers, and stakeholders alike.
  • Ventures: Our Collaborative Business Experience™ has long-been recognised by our clients as an approach that helps them generate business value. Now, through our Ventures capability, we provide our customers with a curated ecosystem of startups. We make minority equity investments in some of these start-ups through our investment fund that is jointly set-up with ISAI. Our commitment can also extend to a joint venture where it makes sense for both Capgemini and our client.

Our experience in the application of technology, innovation, and ventures means that we have developed an agile and resilient model to help you and your business navigate challenging market conditions.

Building Business Catalysts to Turn Innovation into your Competitive Advantage

These are challenging times, but enterprises that think differently now can turn a crisis into an opportunity. A willingness to embrace innovation will help your organisation to find those new opportunities. But the desire to make the most of innovation must spread across your entire organisation.

To do so, we co-develop Business Catalysts with our customer to allow experimentation, scale, and transformation potential.

Let us help you lead with certainty in these uncertain times

Our customers are unique. So are the Business Catalysts we build for them. Their nature varies depending on the impact level and the engagement model: from an enterprise domain to the organisation’s very business model, and from the access to one of Capgemini’s marketplace to the ad-hoc engagement of resources.

With Capgemini’s Technology, Innovation and Ventures capabilities, you can trigger the innovation catalyst you need to generate sustainable growth and be future-ready.

Patrick Nicolet Group Chief Technology Officer and Group Executive Board Member Capgemini’s approach for technology to ensure organisations anticipate the new trends, assess their potential, validate their enterprise-readiness, and exploit them responsibly.
Lanny CohenLucia Sinapi
Group Chief Innovation Officer, Executive VPCapgemini Ventures Managing Director, Executive VP
Capgemini’s applied innovation approach; a comprehensive discipline and platform for curating and applying innovation from problem and opportunity statement to responsible outcome for both business and society.Capgemini’s Open Innovation Strategy approach to fuel a thriving ecosystem that provides partnerships and investment initiatives for both large organisations and the brightest startups.