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Energy and utilities

Why choose Capgemini for SAP

Getting the job done in the energy and utilities sector

Making the Renewable Enterprise a reality

The Challenge

Companies in the energy and utilities sectors are today facing a number of concurrent, converging challenges which are leading them to refactor their SAP estate for continuous transformation.

Energy and utilities companies need to manage the disruptions by leveraging valuable asset and customer data in a sustainable manner whilst remaining flexible to support:

  • Regulatory compliance and out-performance
  • The customer experience
  • Accurate and timely billing of domestic & commercial customers, whilst keeping the cost to serve competitive
  • Optimised asset management, linking asset interventions and investments to positive outcomes for the customer
  • Creating end to end business processes that support joined up operations and customer services
  • Environmental considerations

Energy and utilities companies today are designing for continuous, ongoing change whilst delivering constant business value. Businesses today are more likely than ever to distrust ‘big systems’ (including ERP) as being slow, unresponsive and expensive. And, ultimately, constraining rather than empowering. Now more than ever businesses need to be able to spread risk, minimise business impact and continually deliver value, while always retaining the ability to change direction.