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Balancing speed, agility, innovation, and ROI

Capgemini Engineering is the global leader in silicon design ER&D services, leveraging over 16 years of industry expertise to help semiconductor companies bring ICs to market. Our end-to-end services for silicon and platform engineering, helps them achieve the highest ROI on R&D spend, while:

  • Maximising productivity
  • Becoming more agile to mitigate roadmap volatility
  • Scaling quickly to even out the peaks and valleys of unexpected demand
  • Staying focused on meaningful innovation to preserve market leadership and relevance
  • Preserving time-to-market amidst constant distraction
  • Industrialising to transform the efficiency of high-volume silicon design operations.

Today, successful semiconductor companies must become more agile, scale faster, rethink value, and support more and more… and more derivatives, while still prioritising innovation and disruption.

Demystifying Fab and process migration

We discuss different approaches for getting through the chip shortage with minimal impact to the bottom line.

What we do

We help companies bring chips to market with:

Silicon engineering

End-to-end design services for IP, ASICs, SoCs, and FPGAs — from architecture to RTL to GDSII.

Board and system hardware

Comprehensive design, build, test and manufacturing support for boards, RF/antenna, power, eval/reference platforms and other system hardware.

Platform software

Software including development, integration, optimisation and testing of firmware, drivers, boot, BSPs, SDKs, etc.

Embedded software

Chip-to-product design, implementation, integration, test, maintenance, value engineering for OS, stacks, middleware, UI, CX, frame-works, embedded apps, product ecosystem, and more.

    Arm SystemReady IR certification

    Capgemini is an official certification lab for the SystemReady IR band in the Arm SystemReady programme.

    Intel Foundry Services

    Our semiconductor design services centres across Europe support Intel’s strengthened programme of chip manufacturing & ecosystem design service

    Intel EPIC Supplier Programme Award

    We are honored to be awarded by this programme that recognises supplier partners that exemplify Intel’s standard of excellence.