“We work on site with our clients in an extremely agile and collaborative way. And together we do whatever it takes to get the job done – so if you’re a programmer or developer, for example, your job certainly won’t begin and end with programming.”

Richard Glithero, Digital & Cloud

What we do

Digital and cloud-based technologies offer unprecedented opportunities for organisations to transform the way they work, differentiate themselves in the market and gain a competitive advantage. Here, we draw on best-class technologies to create genuinely bespoke solutions that enable clients in every industry sector to capitalise on those opportunities.

How we make an impact

Whether we’re tackling a one-off project or operating at an enterprise level as trusted digital partners, the work we do has a profound impact on our clients’ success. We’re using technology to help them leapfrog the competition or to steer the business in a whole new direction. And we’re creating flexible, digital platforms to prepare them for whatever the future brings.

Who we look for

Of course, the specific skills and experience you need will depend on the role you apply for. But there are certain personal qualities we look for in everyone who works with us. We want:

  • People who are fired up by the possibilities of digital
    As well as the technology itself, you need to be passionate about the positive difference it can make to people’s lives.
  • People who are quick to learn and adapt
    It’s not just about getting to grips with the latest technologies, but also the environment, culture and priorities of each new client.
  • People with an open mind and a creative approach
    Nothing we do is off-the-shelf. So you’ve got to be prepared to think outside the box and try new things.

Where you fit in

It’s your talent, experience and passion we’re interested in rather than where you’ve worked before. Colleagues join us from all kinds of backgrounds, ranging from large consulting firms to start ups, SMEs and multinational organisations. Here are a few examples:

  • Dynamics CRM Developer from the UK’s Largest Pub Retailer and Brewer
  • Front End Developer from an Insurance Company
  • Dev Ops Engineer from a Security Risk Management Firm
  • Java/Scala Dev from an Entertainment Organisation

Why others made the move

We asked some of our experienced hires why they made the move to Capgemini and what makes being part of the team in Digital & Cloud different to where they’ve worked before.

Please see the videos of Our People.

Where it could lead

You should see your first role with Capgemini as a platform from which you can build real momentum in your career.

What to do next

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