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Software-Driven Transformation

Software-driven products and services are a strategic response to industry challenges for enterprises to stay competitive. Software has become part of the product’s intelligence, increasing value for your organization.

Software enables products and services to become ‘smart,’ connected, and even autonomous. It unlocks performance and capabilities and enables new ways to interact, delivering personalized and meaningful experiences. Gain insights into performance and usage, and leverage the data collected to improve your software products and develop new ones while increasing cost efficiency and shortening time-to-market. With software-driven products, every company becomes a software company and addresses the growing demand for as-a-service business models.

IAA Mobility 2023 – September 5-10

The world’s most important mobility companies will be meeting at IAA Mobility 2023 from September 5-10. We’re planning an exciting program for our clients, partners, and highlighting our expertise in Software-driven industries and solutions.

What we do

Digital health powered by advanced software is a rapidly growing marketing driven by a need for more efficient and cost-effective healthcare, increasingly pushed toward remote monitoring and out of hospital care with the promise of better outcomes through personalized medicine.

By 2030, 15% of cars sold are forecasted to be fully autonomous. Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) functions like adaptive cruise control, parking assistance, and forward-collision warning (i.e., powered by software) are steps on the journey to fully autonomous vehicles.

Changes in healthcare are forcing a convergence among all aspects of care with more complex software and data management, and AI. Intelligent medical products involve a significant use of software to capture and use data for greater effectiveness and efficiency.

Software significantly benefits automotive OEMs, from enhanced customer experience to improved compliance. The result is simplicity for consumers and complexity management for OEMs, which is vital as the industry moves to more efficient EVs, autonomous vehicles, and connected car services.

Embedded software transforms the physical product value chain into an intelligent, robotized, safe, secure, and interoperable ecosystem of products. In today’s evolving R&D landscape, improving customer value while expediting time-to-market and maintaining quality is crucial. Enterprises must shift to a sustainable embedded software production model to tackle these challenges.

Expert perspectives

    Software-defined transformation

    Software is migrating from the periphery of vehicles to their core, in a transformation that implicates every stage of the value chain.

    Software-driven transformation in Automotive

    A software-driven transformation is redefining the global automotive industry.

    Advanced Driver Assistance & Autonomous Driving Systems

    We partner with automotive innovators across the globe to win the ADAS race – upskilling engineering teams, and from function development to fully automated V&V.

    Putting customers at the heart of the mobility experience

    Exploring what is possible with software-driven transformation.

      Meet our experts

      Jiani Zhang

      EVP and Chief Software Officer, Capgemini Engineering
      As the Capgemini Software Engineering leader, Jiani has proven a track record for supporting organizations of all sizes to drive business growth through software. With over 15 years of experience in the IT and Software industry, including strategy and consulting, she has helped business transform to compete in today’s digital landscape.

      Jayashree Ravichandran

      VP and Software Leader – Automotive, Capgemini Engineering
      Jayashree works with Automotive Clients to accelerate software transformation, developing on-vehicle and off board solutions and integration from the car to the cloud. A Certified Architect, by training, Jayashree is a trusted advisor to internal and customer teams at all levels, working with Customer executive teams to effect transformation, and with technical teams to architect, design solutions to drive product quality and yield, and increase customer satisfaction and profitability.

      Walter Paranque-Monnet

      Solution Director Capgemini Engineering
      Walter is passionate about helping organizations build high-value products and services driven by creativity, innovation, and business results. He has helped teams create a culture driven by software and innovation. For more than 12 years, Walter has supported software organizations along their chip-to-cloud transformation journey and designed embedded software roadmaps for acceleration.

      Rohit Aditya Srivastava

      VP, Software Engineering – APAC Sales
      Rohit joined Capgemini in 2018 as the APAC Telcom Media and Tech leader. He offers over 25 years of experience in Product Engineering Services, helping clients drive transformation success through their product and partnership strategies with innovative business models and frameworks.

      Gabor Takacs

      Director, EMEA Business Development, Software Product Engineering
      Gabor has over 25 years of experience in the technology industry, including, Software, IOT, Analytics, Semiconductor, and IT. With his robust background in high tech, Gabor supports the growth and transformation journey of enterprises with Capgemini Software Product Engineering expertise in the EMEA region.

      Bertrand Raillard

      Director, Pre-Sales – France & Switzerland
      Bertrand has over 25 years of expertise in Software, Machine Learning, AI, and cloud architecture. His deep digital transformation knowledge drives him to help clients achieve successful business transformation across their entire organization.

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