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Future franchise services

Empower your Franchises to deliver great customer experiences

Capgemini’s Future Franchise Services is a solution that lets you rapidly implement a range of services – powered by ServiceNow – that give you a holistic, effective, and user-friendly approach to managing and automating franchise and retail workflows. Running a franchise business can add to the complexity of business operations with the need to communicate with and manage the network of franchisee business partners. 

It involves onboarding new franchisees, employee training, ensuring compliance with brand guidelines and regulatory policies, and distributing marketing campaigns, along with keeping up with technology and consumer experience trends to stay relevant and profitable. Fulfilling all these requirements can be challenging.

Additionally, franchisees expect to be able to run their operations smoothly and to be able to trust the underpinning technology.

This can be achieved by connecting the business functions and integrating the toolset through one platform. With Capgemini’s Future Franchise Services (powered by ServiceNow) you can enhance service delivery and franchise experience by delivering frictionless franchise operations.

“Treat your franchisees like partners by providing a customer-like experience.”

    Transforming franchisee support

    Aligning strategy, technology and tools advances older franchises on Digital transformations journey.

    Technology helps franchisees improve business operations

    Disruptions, challenges, and a new kind of customer are driving change

    ServiceNow Knowledge 2023

    Join us at Knowledge 2023 to explore how you can realize a future that works – better. 

      Our services

      The Integrated Experience Center provides a first-line business and IT service desk underpinned by intelligent omnichannel solutions and automations, enabling a customer-like experience for franchisee business partners.

      Next-generation Operations integrates both business process operations and IT operations for optimal service. Utilizing custom workflows across support functions helps break down silos to resolve issues faster or prevents them from happening in the first place.

      Advisory and Consulting Services that bring together people, process, technology, data, and services to deliver exceptional experiences and sustainable business outcomes, powered by ServiceNow.

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      Meet our experts

      Jill Weber

      Expert in Infrastructure Transformation Services, Service Integration (global)

      Marta Kisiela

      Offer Lead, Cloud Infrastructure Services 
      An expert in enterprise service management with 10 years of experience of working with customers, partners, and industry experts to manage IT services in the most efficient manner. For the last 2 years Marta has been working with Cloud Infrastructure Services as an Offer Lead building innovative solutions based on ServiceNow platform to solve our customer’s complex business problems. The most recent offer is Future Franchise Services which is dedicated to managing the franchise-franchisee relationship.