Everyone wants to use artificial intelligence but gets mired in PoC valley of death

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Companies need the power of AI but the challenge is finding the right project to move it ahead at scale.

Dan Simion has spent his entire career in data science. As the Vice President, NA Data Science and Analytics Practice as part of our Insights & Data team, he knows the power of data but he also sees companies struggle to get past proofs of concept to projects that actually make a real business impact.

Artificial intelligence raises a number of new questions. Should machines be making decisions? Who owns the intellectual property created by AI? Companies need to make sure they create ethical standards for their AI and machine-learning projects so they make important decisions before the projects go live.

Data science encompasses AI and machine learning and companies need to harness both if they are to solve their business problems. It is not enough just to have data. You need to tap into the power of the numbers.

Learn more about Capgemini’s data science capabilities and how we can help you transform your business for the future. It is time to reimagine your business.

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