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Reimagining the Future of the Semiconductor Industry

at GSA European Executive Forum
June 17-19, 2024 | Munich, Germany

Capgemini is proud to be the Title Sponsor of Global Semiconductor Alliance’s flagship event in Europe

At Capgemini, we understand the pivotal role the semiconductor industry plays in shaping our technological future. Coming together enables opening the dialogue on key topics that are transforming the semiconductor industry and the industries it serves.

This year, Capgemini is thrilled to take the mantle as the Title Sponsor – presented with inspiring demos, hosting executive-level dinner conversations, keynote introductions, and moderating multiple panel discussions.

With our innovative approaches, we aim to empower semiconductor companies to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape, balancing the demands for innovation, sustainability, and efficiency.

For this audience, we bring the innovative approaches of Chip to Industry, specifically Softwarization for Semiconductors – how specific chips are being transformed from hardware-designed to software-defined – the power of Generative AI in the industry, and increasing Sustainability for Semiconductors.

Full schedule and registration for this event via GSA’s event website.

A few key topics we will cover at the GSA conference are:

Our global leadership will take the stage and open the event with thought-provoking perspectives that are affecting the growth and transformation of the semiconductor industry. 

Brett Bonthron
EVP Global Tech & Digital, Capgemini

Tackling sustainability challenges in semiconductors


Sanjiv Agarwal
Vice President, Global Semiconductor Industry Leader, Capgemini


  • Chuka Umunna, MD and Head of EMEA ESG & Green Economy Investment Banking, JPMorgan
  • Katharina Westrich, Head of Vertical Management Semiconductor, Siemens

From energy-efficient manufacturing processes to responsible sourcing of materials, we collaborate with semiconductor companies to implement sustainable strategies that mitigate environmental impact while enhancing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Together, let’s pave the way towards a greener, more sustainable future for the semiconductor industry.

Emerging chiplet ecosystems – HPC and mobile applications


Loïc Hamon
Head of Center of Excellence, Silicon Engineering, Capgemini


  • Li Zheng / CEO / STATS ChipPAC
  • Qiwei Ren / CEO / UNISOC
  • Stuart Pann / SVP & General Manager / Intel Foundry Services

Connect with our experts who will be presenting and leading the conversations that enable the semiconductor industry to empower, evolve, and diversify to future-proof their business:

Meet our experts