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Natural resources, chemicals, and agriculture

Companies in natural resources markets including chemicals, agriculture, and metals support many aspects of the global economy and provide the integral materials for almost every product we use today. But how do they move to a solutions mindset and gain operational excellence to get the future they want?

Capgemini helps natural resources companies realize business outcomes by deploying intelligent plant operations, improving SG&A performance, providing data insights across the organization, enhancing the digital customer experience, and meeting ambitious sustainability goals.

We work with our clients to accelerate ideas, embrace marketing opportunities, and explore new business models. We have deep expertise in the fast-evolving fields of cloud, cybersecurity, data, artificial intelligence, connectivity software, digital engineering, and platforms to help our clients respond to real-world challenges and opportunities at scale.

“We understand the unique and complex challenges of the industry and we leverage our experience to tailor digital solutions that provide a competitive advantage and unlock the value of employees. We continue to produce best-in-class research and invest in Capgemini assets to accelerate implementation of customer solutions which deliver sustained value.”
Jeff Larsen Vice President, Natural Resources, Chemicals and Agriculture

What we do

  • Our technology solutions accelerate ideas to deliver quickly and effectively so companies can embrace new market opportunities and find new business models
  • Empower employees to drive product and business innovation
  • Leverage new technology to meet ambitious sustainability goals

  • Enhance business outcomes by adopting intelligent plant operations to streamline processes and find efficiencies
  • Improve safety performance and explore predictive maintenance opportunities

  • Respond to real-world challenges more quickly and manage unexpected disruptions better
  • Explore new opportunities and roll them out at scale
  • Leverage new digital technologies to provide the solutions customers want


Designed specifically to meet the needs of the chemicals sector