Capgemini and SuccessFactors® enable Human Resources to focus on delivering strategic value through digital transformation and integrated solutions

Facing the HR Challenges of a Digital World

Human Resources (HR) is at a turning point in today’s digital economy. Traditional methods of attracting, hiring, and retaining employees with the right skills and competencies are no longer adequate. Digital technologies are drastically impacting how employees and job seekers communicate and connect with organizations. They expect automated HR systems that span staffing and development to performance management. Yet the use of digital processes in HR is lagging on many fronts. The key is to find the right partners that will enable HR to deliver strategic value through digital transformation.

Simplifying Digital Transformation

We understand the impact of the digital revolution on HR and people management as well as the IT complexity of delivering a transformation project. Capgemini partners with SuccessFactors, an SAP company that offers the SuccessFactors® HCM (Human Capital Management) Suite, to simplify digital transformation for HR departments. This cloud-based HCM suite provides talent management tools, workforce planning, and analytics for HR business strategies.


  • Provides rapid results
  • Allows for continuous innovation
  • Enables HR to access information across countries, currencies and languages
  • Improves HR decision making

In addition, prior to implementing the SuccessFactors HCM Suite, Capgemini uses its Fast Track Digital HR offer to guide IT, HR and key business stakeholders in developing a complete HR transformation strategy and roadmap. Clients gain an understanding of the solution and determine which functional areas need to be aligned for a successful deployment. This vision encompasses SaaS and cloud insights and assessments, solution designs and prototypes. We then leverage our SAP delivery and solution design centers, resources, and proven methodologies to facilitate a phased and simplified journey to HR transformation.

Experience and Proven Results

Capgemini is one of the largest and most experienced SAP system integrators with 17,500 practitioners and over 40 years of experience. Our SuccessFactors® solution has helped customers worldwide achieve measurable results, including:

  • Digipolis: SaaS Talent Management implementation to reduce HR paper transactions and maintenance costs, while increasing the flexibility of HR personnel.
  • Umicore: Helping a global recycling company design a multilayer HR approach that aligns the company’s processes without losing country specifics, while simplifying roll outs and maintenance.

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OceanaGold puts employees at the center of its business with SAP SuccessFactors

To meet the growing needs for specialized skills in the mining industry, OceanaGold partnered with Capgemini to implement SAP SuccessFactors Talent Management Solution across their enterprise.