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Capgemini creates a pathway to innovation across the workforce

Preeti Chopra
Feb 23, 2024

Capgemini’s award-winning “Innovation Awareness Week” initiative is driving an inclusive culture of learning through innovation across all levels of its organization.

Innovation is the lifeblood that breathes excitement, relevance, and change across every area of business.

In its simple definition, innovation culture refers to the deliberate cultivation and support of an environment that encourages and nurtures the generation, development, and implementation of new ideas, processes, products, or services. It involves creating conditions that stimulate creativity, experimentation, and collaboration among individuals and organizations, leading to the generation of innovative solutions and advancements.

In a world grappling with environmental challenges, sustainable innovation leadership has emerged as a pivotal approach to addressing pressing global issues while fostering growth. Integrating innovation into creative sustainable strategies is becoming increasingly necessary for businesses, organizations, and governments worldwide.

Innovation is everyone’s superpower

According to the Capgemini Research Institute, open innovation is crucial to navigating current and future business challenges, with 71% of organizations planning to increase investment in the next two years.

But to do this effectively, organizations need to start spreading the message that innovation is everyone’s superpower – that innovation is the secret sauce that can unlock the recipe for creativity, serendipity, and success.

Educating the workforce on ways to harness the innovative power of emerging technologies in a safe, controlled environment ensures they are ready for the future and whatever else the market might throw at them. It also enables people to share their learning experiences across every level of the organization.

Fostering a culture of innovation drives positive change

But how can an organization make this a reality across its business?

At Capgemini, we recently organized “Innovation Awareness Week” – a series of webinars designed to ignite the creative spark and empower our people to thrive in today’s ever-changing market.

Led by expert speakers, thought leaders, experienced innovators, and young professionals from across Capgemini and externally, these webinars inspired and equipped our people with the necessary strategies to foster a culture of innovation.

The webinars covered various topics including the role of storytelling in bridging the gap between people and technology, the importance of understanding the business reality, and delivering real value for the client. They also emphasized that innovation can also be the outcome of evolution and that a growth mindset requires people to be constantly challenged.

Award-winning, innovative HR

“Innovation Awareness Week” has helped Capgemini revolutionize how we approach challenges, envision possibilities, and drive innovation within the organization. This is enabling our people to be more proactive and innovative in helping our clients to transform their businesses and bring about positive change.

And it’s for these reasons that we’re extremely proud that Innovation Awareness Week has recently won a 2023 HRO Today Award in the “Best-in-Class: Innovation” category. With a record 175 nominations this year, this award clearly demonstrates Capgemini as being a leader among an elite group of exceptional HR teams.

Initiatives such as Innovation Awareness Week strengthen our intellectual capital by encouraging teams to bring our mission to life and drive results for our customers.

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