Empowered Sales

B2B buyers expect the same buying experience as the B2C customers

With revenue growth as the top business priority and customer retention still crucial to stabilizing revenues, more and more organizations are considering customer acquisition as the first lever of growing their business. Moreover, B2B buyers are increasingly demanding and expect the same buying experience as B2C customers. This means that B2B sales teams have to focus on selling products and services that contribute directly to clients’ business value and growth. Building and guaranteeing a consistent journey all along the customer lifecycle and responding quickly and effectively to customer needs are crucial to maximizing customer engagement and loyalty.

Capgemini Empowered Sales: Reinforce sales force efficiency and deliver a great customer experience

We help our B2B and B2B2C clients drive sales through deep intimacy with their customers. We personalize journeys through 360° account management with solutions from our global partners, creating great customer experiences. We also maximize profitability through optimized pricing and automated transactions. Empowered Sales reinforces sales force efficiency, providing sales teams with the right tools to better serve their customers, and to win long-term opportunities

Value proposition

Capgemini helps you drive sales while maximizing sustainable and profitable growth through personalized customer experience. We empower your sales force to be customer-centric in four steps:

  • Understand market trends and customer expectations to rethink and customize product and service offers for your clients using an account-based marketing approach
  • Focus on a “seed-and-grow” approach towards a long-term relationship by building a robust organization and investing in your sales teams (upskilling, management, and compensation).
  • Optimize profitability by anticipating customer needs through a “smart-selling” approach enabled by fact-based analysis of customer insights (customer and social data).
  • Restart sales during and after a crisis: reinvent interactions between your sales force and customers while maintaining a high level of commitment to the brand and encouraging collaboration with other external entities.

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