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Creating the factory of the future with Risk Based Inspection & Asset Management


To stay in the race, the intelligent industry not only needs to design and operate smart products and plants, but also needs to ensure that engineering services and industrial operations are optimized and function intelligently. This is where risk based & data driven asset and inspection management plays a critical role: in ensuring intelligent industry becomes more efficient.

Overcoming the roadblocks

Inspection management is critical because without it, you may lose the license to operate. But there is more to inspection than meets the eye. Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) factors are fundamental for the proper functioning of a plant while risk analysis is also an important foundation of the future factory. In addition, dynamic compliance regulations along with aging workforce and aging assets are some of the factors that make inspection management a key driver for maximum optimization and efficiency.

The challenge for plant owners is to define and implement a Maintenance & Risk Management strategy in order to optimize up-time and output of a plant while covering the regulatory requirements. Moreover, most companies want to move from a time-based inspection (TBI) management mechanism to risk-based inspection (RBI) mechanism. In comparison to TBI where you can inspect the equipment after a certain time period, in case of RBI, the risk is calculated based on data and in order to make an informed decision on what the expected equipment life span will be.

Our Inspection Management solutions scrutinize how a plant performs their inspection and maintenance tasks in compliance to the rules and regulations. Based on what actions have been taken, a database comprising actions and lifecycles is created to accordingly generate the report. At a functional level, the solution consists of: Inspection Reporting, Inspection & Maintenance Processes, Asset Inspection Data and Asset Master Data.

Synergizing technology, driving results

Capgemini’s inspection management services makes a difference by:

  • Adopting an integral approach
  • Enhancing innovation capacity, customer processes, and the operational excellence
  • Integrating subject matter expertise and IT capabilities along with an agile way of working
  • Offering end-to-end capabilities: from strategy definition to operations
  • Employing best-of-breed solutions: Master Data Management, Asset Performance Management, and Asset Life Cycle Management

From perspective to possibilities

Wondering what exactly the benefits will be? Our RBI asset and inspection management solutions will lower the Total Cost of Ownership while complying with European Rules and Regulations such as the Pressurized Equipment Directive. Moreover, with a team of 50 specialized consultants in Netherlands and as many as 1500 consultants across the Group, we have the right experience and expertise to cater to the asset management and inspection management needs of our clients.

Going forward, in 2020, an increasing number of companies will shift from TBI to RBI or will find a mechanism to work with both at one go. At the same time, there will be more integration with Internet of Things (IoT) or specifically, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as we call it within this industry. So, think about this – a world of intelligent products, services, and processes where the devices will be more connected, embedded sensors and wireless operators will fetch more data, all in turn enabling RBI to succeed by improving safety, integrity, and compliancy while optimizing costs. How cool is that?