Climate Circle Online Event: Net Zero – Here We Come

Climate action is becoming a top priority for everyone as many companies are announcing their “Race to Net Zero”.  As we all need to shift systems and processes to become more sustainable, the big question is: How? The big steps needed are not solely an IT, data or reporting problem. Switching to renewable energy, electrification of mobility, overconsumption, circular waste, food production…

We need to bite the proverbial bullet and Instead of just launching new platforms to measure more accurate and better we need bold action. In 2021, Capgemini introduced Climate Circles as an internal mobilization campaign to kickstart conversations and positive actions to address the climate emergency, drawing on the concept of TED Circles which engage small groups on big ideas to share knowledge, provoke discussion, and ultimately drive change. This year, we are also inviting our clients and partners to join the conversation.

In the upcoming Climate Circle Net Zero – Here We Come, we’re seeking to share thoughts about climate change and the importance of limiting global warming to 1.5°C.

  • The climate emergency is here and now – what does it mean for humanity?
  • What are the challenges – what’s stopping change?
  • What role businesses can play in making a difference?
  • How, as individuals, can we play a part?

It is time to radically rethink our businesses. Some questions from our research to get you kickstarted into action! We are happy to invite you to a deep-dive session on sustainability on Wednesday March, 2nd.

 Agenda for the session

  • How can we develop products that reduce waste in the production cycle?
  • How can we plan for asset recovery during the production process, as well as post end-user consumption?
  • How can we move towards reduced end-user consumption and greater sharing?
  • How can we think about economic profitability without progressively greater consumption of finite resources?
  • How can organizations apply design thinking and innovation to their business models to give better environmental outcomes?

This is an excellent opportunity for you to discuss the challenges and learn the best practices from our practical experiences.

Note: This is an online event, hosted by Alex Bulat – van den Wildenberg and will be conducted in English.

Evenement details

april 21, 2022 4:00 pm
april 21, 2022 5:00 pm