Capgemini Webinar: Cloud Economics & Optimization

Watch out for the webinar recording on this page to understand how this assessment can help identify:

Maintaining business continuity of your operations may look daunting in current times. Organizations are relying on cloud to maintain business-critical processes, but the journey is not always seamless: you may be grappling with cloud governance and how to keep control over security, costs, risks and architecture compliance.

Cost remains one of the biggest aspects of this challenge

Capgemini recently did a webinar to illustrate Capgemini’s Cloud Economics Assessment tool. The assessment tool helps identify:

  • Quick Wins to reduce your Public Cloud spend.
  • Visibility and transparency in your actual Public Cloud consumption and the forecasted consumption.
  • Advice on Application Modernization and the usage of Platform as a Service features like containers, webservices and/or serverless functions.
  • Help create a culture of cloud cost accountability and transparency.

Our speakers:

Chiel Heusinkveld, Cloud Economics Architect, Capgemini Netherlands

Making the cloud work!

Quoting from a 2019 Capgemini Cloud research “There is nothing new about the Cloud, there is nothing old about the Cloud either” Chiel believes organizations have not realized a fraction of the true potential of Cloud.

Through his areas of expertise which includes Cloud transformation, Innovation in Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Cloud Agnostic managed services, Chiel is leading his customers into a new chapter of cloud technologies

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Jurjen Thie, Project Lead, Advisor and Consultant, Capgemini Cloud CoE, Netherlands

With 20 years of rich experience in mostly Capgemini and previously Canon, Jurjen is a tech enthusiast, advisor and consultant in the fields of Cloud Transformation, migration, Cloud economics. He has repeatedly brought excellent results to several complex Cloud engagements. He makes the difference by using his positive, pragmatic and flexible attitude.

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juni 4, 2020 11:00 am
juni 4, 2020 11:45 am