Bridging the gap between RPA and Cognitive Automation

Join us for this exclusive event hosted by Capgemini and Automation Anywhere

Your organization may be considering or using RPA to some degree already. That’s because RPA is great at performing low value, repetitive, rules-based processes many times faster and cheaper than humans without making mistakes. But to achieve these substantial improvements you also need a tool that will structure the data that you want to automate, as part of these processes.

Cognitive Automation can do that by automating the reading and processing of documents that organizations deal with in high volumes, such as invoices or contracts.

Automation Anywhere and Capgemini are organizing an event about this topic and we are delighted to invite you for this innovative and pro-active day.


During the morning we will have Automation Anywhere guide you how to put the RPA Puzzle together for results today and Capgemini will help you turn RPA into success with Process Mining.

But there is more …… Join us to hear how an exclusive panel, chaired by Capgemini, Automation Anywhere and 2 of our customer speakers discuss the challenge of automating document processing and seeking to bridge the gap between RPA and Cognitive Automation.

In the afternoon we are also offering you a Build-a-Bot : This exclusive masterclass is a practical, hands-on session showing you just how easy it is to build software bots. In less than 40 minutes you’ll build a software bot yourself and get a better idea of how RPA can be applied in your organisation. The trainer will also guide attendees through how to create a Cognitive Automation bot and demonstrate the outcomes from doing so.

Please note you need no technical knowledge to participate!

This event is designed to ensure a highly personalized and meaningful exchange of ideas, so space is limited.

Register quickly if you would like to attend!

10:00 Coffee & Registration
10.30 –  11.15 How to put the RPA Puzzle together for results
11.15 – 12.15 RPA Panel session
12.15 – 13.15 Lunch
13.15 – 14.00 Bridging the gap between RPA & Cognitive Automation
14.00 – 16.00 Masterclass Build-a-(IQ)bot
16.00 Network drink with small bites


Evenement details

september 5, 2019 10:00 am
september 5, 2019 4:00 pm
Capgemini Auditorium

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