Old paradigms are not valid any more, disruptions enforce the change: new technologies, sustainability needs, environmental regulations. Automotive manufacturers, mobility operators, local authorities and urban transport planners must come together to redefine models built on a holistic sustainability view. In our 2030 vision for the automotive sector, new technology solutions will make it possible to work on a true end-to-end sustainability journey. Capgemini is passionate about helping Automotive companies in their transformation towards end-to-end sustainable mobility.” – Markus Winkler, Group Head of Automotive & Mobility, Capgemini

A new future is being written for the automotive industry. Companies which have spent decades perfecting the production of vehicles are now reinventing themselves as mobility services providers in favor of environmental sustainability. At Capgemini we believe we have a role to play in inventing the future of the mobility industry. Whether your focus is to drive efficiencies through Smart Automation or drive growth through Smart Mobility, we partner with you as:

  • Digital platform provider
  • Agile transformation partner
  • Agile innovation partner

Automotive Cybersecurity

Automotive Cybersecurity

Security in the automotive industry raises several distinct challenges around the connected...

Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering

Digitization and rapid advances in technology have revolutionized the industry, and very much...

Driving Automation Systems Validation

Driving Automation Systems Validation

Make autonomous vehicle development and driving safe, powered by data

Client Stories

Capgemini Invent drives Ferrovial into carsharing service

Working with Capgemini invent, Ferrovial reviews the Spanish mobility market to understand...

Equipping drivers for the next generation of regulations

Capgemini works with a German automobile manufacturer to fulfill requirements for the new...

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Connected Vehicle Trend Radar 2

Capgemini Invent is delighted to introduce the second issue of the Connected Vehicle Trend...

Monetizing Vehicle Data:

Our recent Connected Vehicle Trend Radar report confirmed that vehicle data monetization is...

Automotive Sales: a bumpy road to recovery

COVID-19 has profoundly impacted the automotive industry. What will it take for it to get...

COVID-19 and the automotive consumer

How can automotive organizations re-engage consumers and reignite demand?

The automotive industry in the era of sustainability

How can automotive organizations accelerate their efforts to improve sustainability?

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Development

Will there be enough charging points to support electric vehicle rollout in the next decades,...

Podcast - Driving the Future

‘Driving the Future’ is a series of interviews with digital automotive experts discussing the latest topics and trends in the automotive and mobility ecosystem.

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Sustainability in Automotive


Automotive News Europe Rising Stars 2020

Capgemini is proud to support the ANE Rising Stars Award Program 2020.

Capgemini Automotive and Mobility at CES 2020

The Future of Automotive – A Sustainability and Experience Challenge

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Markus Winkler

I am passionate about helping Automotive companies in their transformation towards end-to-end sustainable mobility .

Dr. Rainer Mehl

Expert in Automotive Digital Customer Experience

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