Technical Graduates

Capgemini Exceller Program for Technical Graduates

Exceller, Capgemini’s flagship program aims to provide technical students myriad opportunities to excel in their chosen field of technology and reach the zenith of success in their careers. Under the umbrella of Capgemini Exceller, we actively engage with leading engineering institutes and graduate colleges in the country to hire the best of the emerging talent, who join us and become an integral part of our workforce.

As a part of this program, you will get to work with diverse teams, cross-functional projects, and a collaborative network of peers and mentors working on developing sustainable solutions for our customers.

Capgemini’s culture is driven by our seven values, which provide the perfect amalgamation of innovation-driven work, cutting-edge technology, and a healthy dollop of fun. If being a part of and thriving in the ever-changing landscape of today’s technology world excites you, Capgemini is the place to be!

Listen to our senior India colleagues welcome young talent as they talk about their first day at Capgemini, and the opportunities that enabled them to be bold, succeed, and have fun along the way.

Beyond work

Going beyond work, Life at Capgemini brims with a dynamic and fun environment; one where people not only ace at their field of expertise but also give meaning to their passion.

We are a congregation of happy minds working together, providing the perfect platform for young minds to ideate, innovate, create, and have fun at work.

To be a part of the Capgemini hiring process, please get in touch with your college placement team.

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