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The Woman Who Stood Tall: Inspiring Story of Thilagavathy

Tune into an exciting conversation between Murali Shankarnarayanan, Senior Director – Marketing & Chief Fun Officer at Capgemini India, and Thilagavathy, Senior Software Engineer, the woman who overcame all stereotypes and pursued her dreams to become the first engineer and IT professional from her village. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn from her inspiring journey of resilience and triumph!

1. Introduce yourself. Tell us about your background.

My name is Thilagavathy, and I am proud to introduce myself as the first engineer and IT professional from my village. I completed my Bachelor of Engineering from M.A.M College of Engineering and Technology – Trichy, Tamil Nadu.

Coming from a challenging background, I faced financial constraints that prevented me from affording the application fee for engineering. Initially, I considered compromising for an Arts seat, but even the fees for that course were unattainable. It was during this time that my school teacher, Saraswathi, came to my aid. Through her support and the assistance of the NGO called ‘Maatram Foundation,’ I was able to secure a seat in engineering.

2. Can you tell us about the challenges and struggles you went through to pursue education?

In my village, girls were traditionally married off after completing the 8th grade. However, my father allowed me to continue my education until the 10th grade, after I convinced him that, inclusion of my SSLC qualification on the marriage invitation card would be beneficial.

Overcoming societal beliefs that questioned the value of educating a girl, I motivated myself by envisioning two contrasting futures. One depicted me working in a comfortable office with modern technology, while the other showed a life confined to a small village hut, married off at a young age. Driven by these visualizations, I studied diligently and achieved first place in my taluk. Despite discouragement, I held onto the belief that someone would recognize my academic accomplishments and advocate for my further education. Eventually, my high marks persuaded my father to grant me a few more years. In essence, I used my education as a powerful weapon against child marriage, successfully persuading and convincing my parents.

3. What made you join Capgemini?

After a year of unemployment following my graduation, a friend introduced me to Capgemini’s CSR and digital academy. Intrigued by the opportunity, I promptly joined and underwent training in mainframe technology. Upon successfully completing the course and assessment, I began my career with Capgemini. In my role as a software engineer, my current focus is on a database migration project, specifically converting from db2 to SQL. A typical day at Capgemini involves working on various aspects of this project, collaborating with team members, and ensuring a smooth transition.

4. What excites you about your job and what makes it special working at Capgemini?

As a software engineer in the global MNC Capgemini, I am living my dream. The work environment, Capgemini’s policies, and my incredible team make me feel privileged to be a part of Capgemini.

5. How does Capgemini support you to shape your own career path?

At Capgemini, I am always encouraged by the flexibility of the working schedule, allowing me to maintain a healthy work-life balance. The company’s emphasis on personal and career development motivates me to strive for continuous growth. With the support of Capgemini, I can nurture both my professional advancement and personal well-being.

6. Tell us about the most memorable moment in your Capgemini Journey.

Capgemini provided me with an incredible opportunity to visit the Capgemini office in Hyderabad IT Park and participate as a panel member in the Women Tech Panel Discussion Board. It was a moment of immense pride to represent Capgemini in this capacity. Additionally, I had the privilege of fulfilling my lifelong dream to take to the skies. I am truly grateful to be a part of Capgemini and express my gratitude to have these remarkable experiences.