Nick Shimmen

Since joining Invent I have worked in both the public and financial services sectors. I joined a well-established cloud development platform at one of Britain’s largest retail banks acting as a security analyst. Whilst in the public sector I took on a more traditional consulting role of a business analyst looking at process improvement and proper MI/KPI management.

What attracted you to Digital Security and Trust?

I’ve always been personally interested in tech and its impact on businesses and so this was a natural team choice for me. I’d also read that I would be able to undertake many different trainings to increase my own skill set which I have since done. It is also where I see the future. Businesses are only going to leverage technology more and more in the coming years and helping companies stay secure, will in turn, only become a more important issue.

What is the most interesting part of your work/project?

The range of work is particularly interesting. So far, I have worked on more traditional consulting roles but have also worked as a ‘business as usual’ role within a very mature cloud development platform. No project I have undertaken so far has been the same and each requires me to learn new skills which I really enjoy. I feel like you get a great balance of technological and consulting skills undertaking digital security and trust roles.

Why did you join the Digital Security and Trust team at Capgemini Invent?

No matter the business problem posed it will it will always need to consider the digital security implications involved. With IOT and Cloud becoming ever more prevalent in business, digital security skills will only become more necessary in the future and to be at the forefront of that is really exciting. Invent offer fantastic opportunities to qualify in a number of different areas and the Digital Security and Trust Team is somewhat leading the way in that.

Nick Shimmen