Joao Zorro

Dynamic 365 lead

Capgemini offered me the opportunity to work on enterprise size projects.

Joao is responsible for business development activities, recruitment, delivery assurance and raising the capability’s profiles internally & externally.

What is the vision?

A market leading Dynamics capability, which delivers innovation and quality solutions to our clients, through software engineering best practices and a product first approach.

Why did you join Capgemini?

I was looking for a company that could offer me the opportunity to work on enterprise size projects and a place where my opinions would be heard and valued.

Why have you stayed at Capgemini?

apgemini offered me an amazing opportunity to shape my career, and helped me reach my goal of running and shaping a market leading Dynamics 365 capability. The team environment and the training opportunities are also great and that allows me to keep growing all the time.

What are your interests outside of work?

In my spare time my preference is to do outdoors activities like mountaineering, hiking, snowboarding, climbing. Weekdays I usually go boxing or gym or just a run along the Thames. I’m know in my team for having too many holidays…

Joao Zorro