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Intelligent business operations

touchless supply chain planning

Drive frictionless planning enabled by agile and touchless processing

Frictionless planning drives enhanced customer experience and reduced cost.

Capgemini’s Touchless Supply Chain Planning drives frictionless, customer-centric supply chain operations.

Our solution leverages intelligent automation of processes, exception-based collaboration, and AI-enabled analytics and decision-making to deliver enhanced customer experience, reduced cost, and a range of enterprise-level business outcomes:

  • 5–8% improvement in delivery on-time in full (OTIF)
  • 2–4% increase in revenue base
  • 15–20% reduction in working capital
  • 10–15% improvement in customer experience and satisfaction (NPR)
  • 50–70% reduction in operational costs
  • 15–25% reduction in business waste (SLOB).

Continuous Touchless Planning

A framework for organisations to develop and deploy capabilities and processes that enable new levels of speed, accuracy, and responsiveness.

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