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New business models


Is it possible to operate a business that meets the needs of people and planet while also making a profit?

This will be the expected future reality for the Next Economy organisation, and we believe it can be achieved with a mindset shift. Over the next decade, every enterprise on the planet will have to radically reconsider its business models and ways of working to achieve an outcome aligned with the 1.5-degree climate target.

At Capgemini Invent we’re helping our clients build new business models for the sustainable economy with a focus on four key areas:

  • Sustainable Experience: shaping experiences through new products, services and environments for the Next Economy.
  • Regenerative Ventures: helping to co-create the next generation of change-making organisations through new sustainable ventures.
  • Next Economy Brand: creating the strategic foundation, activation and supporting assets for new regenerative Next Economy brands.
  • Next Economy Team: bringing the infrastructure for success and leadership in social and environmental sustainability by developing talent, tools, structures, and strategies.

New Business Models from Capgemini Invent will help you succeed and grow at the intersection of purpose and profit.

“There is no Planet B. The world knows it and your customers know it. We’ll help you embark on a regenerative and holistic shift of the organisation – from brand story to business model.”

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Meet our experts

Florent Andrillon

Expert in Strategy & Transformation
Florent started his career at Oil and Energy Firm before joining Capgemini Invent in 2005. He has worked in France and abroad with players in the Energy and Utilities sector: large companies, players wishing to enter this market or parapublic organizations. He has supported these organizations for 18 years with their strategic projects of energy transition, acceleration, and global transformation.