The Smart Digital Store Smart Store Guide

With the Smart Store Guide, shoppers will not have to dread trips to the store, thinking they have to walk the entire store floor to complete their shopping list.  Shoppers can just ask the Smart Store Guide through their mobile phone to find the item’s physical location, the quickest way to get to it, and obtain additional details on the product such as discounts and recommendations. It is as easy as saying, “Ok Google! Talk to the Smart Store Guide. Find me apples,” and The Smart Store Guide responds back with the exact aisle and section where apples are located, and offers the quickest path to get there. Retailers will also appreciate the flexibility and low capex investment for the solution. Compared to other store finder apps requiring continuous store layout and planogram updates, the Smart Store Guide is powered by the latest technologies from Intel and artificial intelligence from Google Cloud, mapping out products in the store via surveillance camera feeds and dynamically adapting to changes made to product locations.


  • App-less voice-based product locator: Use the smartphone Google Assistant to voice commands. No additional hardware or software required.
  • All you need is Google: The device agnostic solution is used seamlessly across assistant devices and smartphones.
  • Shopping list: Create and access your shopping list across multiple Google Assistant devices. The guide finds all your items and delivers the shortest path to pick them up.
  • In-store navigation: A visual map between shopper location and searched product is supplemented with voice navigation for an enhanced experience.
  • Recipe search: Search for recipes and ingredients, and add them directly from webpage to shopping list
  • Product information at your command: Query information such as product specifications, recommendations and discounts. The guide also provides relevant cross sell and upsell during the shopper journey.
  • Low capex investment: Use feeds from existing cameras in store; should store layout and planograms change, the solution dynamically picks up new product locations.
  • Extensible framework: Add features like real-time alerts for misplaced products or low stock volumes.
  • Endless Aisle: Automatically locate out of stock items at other stores and reserve for either pick-up or home delivery.
  • Unique VUI: Voice or text using a simple VUI that auto-enables customers without having to reference a user manual.
  • For retail and beyond: Solves delays and friction within stores, malls, and more, and can be easily augmented for non-retail use cases.

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The Smart Digital Store Smart Store Guide

Have you ever had to rush out for a quick trip to the store and end up spending way more time than expected, surveying all the store aisles looking for that specific ingredient?

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