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We make the connections that make a difference. Because extraordinary connections deliver extraordinary results.

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Consumers are adopting smart speakers an order of magnitude faster than they did the smartphone. The devices, and the voices assistants which inhabit them, will change shopping forever, creating a new era: Conversational Commerce. Read the paper to learn more.

Conversational Commerce: why consumers are embracing voice assistants in their lives

Conversational commerce is many things, a technological breakthrough, a completely new form of digital interaction and a platform for yet unimagined new services. Before all of these things it is an unparalleled opportunity for brands to build highly valuable and valued personal relationships at a scale previously unimaginable with consumers and using this new-found intimacy to drive brand preference and affiliation. Learn more.

Loyalty Deciphered—How Emotions Drive Genuine Engagement

Discover what drives brand loyalty, and how to cultivate it, in the findings of this wide-ranging report from our Digital Transformation Institute

World Insurance Report 2018

Business-as-usual within the insurance industry is coming to an end. The World Insurance Report 2018 from Capgemini and Efma highlights the need for insurers to have digital agility, cater to customer demands and create future-ready operating models to stay ahead of BigTech competition.

Analyst recognition

Capgemini is a good fit for projects requiring business innovation, as well as CRM technical advisory and implementation skills, particularly related to customer service or commerce.

2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM and Customer Experience Implementation Services, Worldwide

Fast-growing practice with industry sector alignment, innovation focus and strong resources.

HfS Blueprint Salesforce Services 2017

Capgemini named as a Large Specialty Design Firm that helps companies apply expert design practices to a narrow business goal or a specific technology. Specialty Designers attract and retain mindshare and build on the tech platforms they have expertise in.

Forrester Specialty Designers, North America, Q2 2018

Expanding capabilities to get the benefits of specialisation & collaboration in the pursuit of sustainable competitive advantage for our DCX clients.

Digital Commerce Realised

  • Leveraging the power of LyonsCG & Itelios
  • E-commerce & omni-channel
  • E-commerce & associated omni-channel, experience design & marketing activities
  • Commerce support & strategy consulting

Customer Experience Design

  • Leveraging the power of Backelite & Idean
  • Strategy design
  • UX design & UI/visual design
  • Branded experiences
  • Prototype & validate

Innovation Strategy and Proposition

  • Leveraging the power of F212 and Applied Innovation Exchange
  • Growth strategies
  • Applied emerging technology
  • New products & services

Digital Customer Experience at Capgemini: We make the connections that make a difference.

Our domains, solutions & services

Are you looking for more customers? Or, do you want to better understand your current customers - for example what do they care most about, and how do you drive higher engagement with them? Do you have a desire to personalise experiences across channels? We can help you with strategy and ideation of complex marketing campaigns, streamlining the process of launching campaigns, improving the results of your loyalty campaign and much, much more.

Conversational Commerce Proposition

Conversational Commerce Proposition

Are you ready to listen to your customer? Really listen?

Customer Interaction Service

Customer Interaction Service

With the changing face of customer interaction making it increasingly difficult for companies to deliver...

Mobile User Experience and Design

Mobile User Experience and Design

Since mobile usage plays a preponderant role in our private, professional, and social lives, the significance...

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