The secret to scaling Artificial Intelligence

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Tune in to our podcast for a glimpse into where AI is today and how far it might take us tomorrow.

Data is everywhere. But the true value of that data will not be realized unless it is clean, organized, representative — and usable. Join Julien Molez, Marie-Caroline Baerd and Prof. Moez Draief as they debate the art of the possible – and impossible – of using AI to optimize data with show host Ollie Judge.

They consider how to scale AI, its use cases, the interdependencies between AI and data, and its potential impact across all industries. Why should you invest in AI? This is an important question, and our experts argue that ‘you don’t do AI just because you can’. You need a clear strategy for it, along with change management processes to empower your end users, the right infrastructure, and effective data management policies.

AI means different things to different people. Current conversations on this subject tend to focus on machine learning, which is just one element of AI. Looking to the future, the broader scope for scaling AI offers exciting business potential and is not something to fear. Addressing this fear is a challenge as people worry about their jobs and how AI might change their roles.

Tune in to our podcast as the experts in innovation, data science and artificial intelligence discuss how, why and when to scale AI.

About the speakers

Julien Molez

Julien Molez

Julien Molez is Group Data & AI Innovation Leader at Societe Generale within the Group’s Innovation Department. He joined Societe Generale in 2014 where he contributed to the development of the in-house consulting team (SG Consulting) as an Associate Director in the leadership team. Prior to joining the company, he contributed to the creation and development of different management consulting firms specializing in financial services.


Marie-Caroline Baerd

Marie-Caroline Baerd

Marie-Caroline Baerd is an Executive Vice President and head of Capgemini Invent’s AI offer. She develops thought leadership, new frameworks and solutions, promotes a “Trusted AI” approach, and has a 20+-year track record in business management consulting. She applies this experience in helping organizations leverage the full potential of AI and data to innovate, enhance revenues and drive efficiency, and to support their transformation journey from awareness and strategy to implementation at scale.

Prof. Moez Draief

Prof. Moez Draief

Prof. Moez Draief is Vice President of Data Science and Engineering at Capgemini and leading scientific activities in Machine Learning. He delivers value and insights from data to our clients from government, financial services, retail, industry and telecoms using advanced machine learning techniques. He is currently a Visiting Professor in the Department of Statistics at the London School of Economics.


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