Digital. Two steps ahead

Organisations are challenged to deliver a digital promise to their customers. The move to digital is led by customers who are driving the need for new standards and outside-in transformation of companies. They are increasingly demanding more personalised, relevant content, seamlessly delivered via multiple channels with faster, often instantaneous responses in new innovative ways. The intelligent use of digital is fundamental in order to increase customer intimacy, manage the cost to serve and accelerate revenue realisation.

A considerable number of companies understand the imperative to take the lead from their customers and have witnessed the decline of those businesses that do not. The challenge now is how to make digital a core part of everyday business and a natural way of working. For example, some companies rush to launch external activities before internal alignment around a clear vision and plan to transform their organisation. This leads to brand fragmentation across a plethora of digital and physical channels, which ultimately has a detrimental impact on the customers’ experience.

What really matters is to have a deep understanding of the customer context, in combination with a single view of the enterprise, with a clear focus on the how of digital transformation.