Capgemini’s Horizon program for SAP Commerce Cloud

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How to seamlessly move your on-premise ecommerce solution to SAP Commerce Cloud

Enabling ecommerce transformation with Horizon Program

Time to market is crucial for both B2B and B2C brands as they prepare to launch new products and services globally. For organisations currently using on-premise SAP ecommerce solutions (formerly Hybris), transformation to SAP Commerce Cloud can help organisations accelerate time to market, increase market share, and enhance the customer experience. Recognising the need for speed and ensuring minimal disruption to existing on-premise commerce implementations, we have designed the Horizon program – an end-to-end “transformation to cloud” approach. Horizon helps our clients accelerate their transformation journey to SAP Commerce Cloud and enables them to realize the full potential of SAP Customer Experience clouds.

Capgemini’s Horizon program for SAP Commerce Cloud

We leverage our rich SAP expertise, streamlined processes, and field-tested methodologies to seamlessly transform an existing on-premise commerce solution to SAP Commerce Cloud. Through our well-defined three-phase approach, we ensure that all critical features of the existing solution are moved to SAP Commerce Cloud and enable subsequent enhancements to the user experience by leveraging new capabilities of the cloud platform.

Our three-phase cloud migration approach


  • Automated (cloud-based) analysis of the on-premise application with checks for version compatibility and deprecated modules.
  • Generation of a detailed compatibility report (business and technical) with customisation and effort details.
  • Application of standard templates to quickly start the project and prepare build configuration file.


  • Execute the Capgemini automated code converter to identify and auto correct classes and Cron jobs.
  • Technical review of automated changes and manual code updates, as necessary.
  • Move data and media to cloud.
  • Customise or alternatively enable functionality mapping to the existing application.
  • Complete migration of integration points.
  • Regression testing scripts application on an “as-is” basis using existing test scripts.


  • Stage and production environment set up and configuration using the Cloud Portal.
  • Performance test script execution with two rounds of performance runs.
  • Pre-cutover: Pre-cutover checklist validation for SAP Commerce cloud.
  • Go-live checklist and final cutover to SAP Commerce cloud.

For more information, visit our SAP Customer Experience webpage or connect with our global CX Experts.

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