Re-Inventing Retail: Conversational Interfaces

In this month’s podcast we discuss the effect of Conversational Interfaces on the customer...

Learning Training Needs Analysis

A thorough identification of learning needs is key in ensuring effective learning provision...

Point of Sale: the heart of retailing

Retail industry consolidations, omnichannel strategies, demand for lower TCO, Cloud-based...

Digital Transformation

Learning Training Strategy

In this episode we discuss how to design and build an effective training strategy

Interview with Vince Groome

Vince Groome, Vice President DWP Account Executive and lead for the Department for work and...

Great Entrepreneurial Games 2019

In partnership with Department of International Trade & The Global Entrepreneurial...


Connected Vehicle Trend Radar

The drive to add value: lessons from China.

Becoming a Renewable Enterprise

Our series of short vlogs will explore how companies can make the most of SAP’s S/4 HANA and...

RapidUpgrade2Cloud Solution Overview

Outpace the competition with accelerated Oracle Cloud migration.

Capgemini 50/50

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 50/50 Brochure

business services

Intelligent Process Automation – Infographic

Building an augmented workforce through intelligent automation at scale

Digital Transformation

Introduction to the Capgemini business & technology solutions learning team

Have you ever asked yourselves the following questions before starting an IT training...

Specialty Channel Insights Platform

Generating tangible business value through data-driven insights across the patient journey.

Celebrating Pride and beyond

Putting Pride in its place: we all have a role to play to achieve acceptance and inclusion of...

Managed Detection and Response

Early Detection and Proactive Response for Incident Prevention.

Zero Trust ICS Network Assessment

Use our service to provide a detailed assessment of the network segmentation and access...


Utility leader builds Cybersecurity powerhouse

How does a utility company with static perimeter defenses become a world leader in...


Unified Enterprise Defense Strategy for SOC Transformation

Capgemini shifts the focus of security operations to a proactive mission to enrich and expand...


Cybersecurity assessment of a multinational bank

We helped one of the world’s largest banks measure its cybersecurity progress against...


Cybersecurity Defense Maturity Scorecard

Defining Cybersecurity Maturity across key domains


Cybersecurity Maturity using a Unified Enterprise Defense Strategy

Know where you stand against advanced adversaries so you can optimise utilisation of...


Emulate real-world attack activity

Test your organisational technology effectiveness against the majority of common...


Capgemini’s Business Command Centre

Our AM approach that brings together your processes, applications, and IT


Why most Digital Transformation efforts fail

Capgemini and Everest Research® Group detail key Digital Transformation roadblocks, and what...

applied innovation

The future of urban mobility

Using technology and intelligence to make your morning commute faster, safer and easier...

Rishi Talla

I joined Capgemini Invent in March 2018 after working primarily in technology start-ups which...

Mikey Atkins

I am currently coming to the end of my time in the graduate programme at Capgemini Invent....

Marion Chadail

I joined Capgemini in Paris in 2010, after a short experience as an SAP Business Analyst in a...

Subscription Commerce is the key to long-lasting B2B sales

Together, LYONSCG, Capgemini, and SAP help businesses transform to meet ever-changing...

Artificial Intelligence

The Future of Work is now!

Automation and artificial intelligence are already having enormous impacts on employees,...

Capgemini’s model insurer competencies

Capgemini has introduced a unique approach to guide insurers through the ever-changing...