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Work Experience 2022

Work experience is an essential part of a young person’s career development. Capgemini’s Legal Work Experience Programme returns to provide a virtual experience that encompasses practical skills and engagement from our Legal Team.

                <h2>Who can apply?</h2>

This week has been crafted for students who are seriously considering a career in law and it’s ideal for year 12 students.  We’d particularly like to hear from young people in underrepresented groups who are interested in a legal profession and our own technology sector. We are open to all young people and hope we’ll have a diverse and committed group to work with.


July 11th – 15th

How do I apply?

You won’t need a CV or a covering letter. Applications are submitted via a Digital Interview where you will find a combination of written and recorded response to some set questions.  This will give you a real-life experience of a corporate application process should you later  go on further and apply to an Apprenticeship or your first job both in Capgemini or another corporate.

Places are highly sort after, sadly we cannot host every student so you will need to be able to demonstrate your interest and enthusiasm for gaining a place with us. Don’t worry you are not being judged on your presentation skills!

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The deadline for all applications is Monday, April 18th. We look forward to opening our virtual doors and welcoming you to Capgemini in 2022.

Good Luck!