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TechnoVision 2021 – Solutions for future technology trends

TechnoVision 2021 aims to help you and your organisation use technology to face the complex challenges of the modern world head-on and to thrive in a fast-changing age.

Our guide aims to help your company be like water. We want to help you create adaptable strategies that ebb and flow as business circumstances and customer requirements flex. To do that, you’ll need to have a tight grip on future technology trends – and that’s where TechnoVision 2021 excels.

Our guide includes 37 Technology Business trends, grouped into seven containers and placed within a proven framework. This analysis provides an end-to-end analysis of the new emerging trends impacting, changing and creating a modern Technology Business from infrastructure to applications, from data to processes, and from experiences to collaboration.

We encourage you and your business colleagues to devour our guide and to consider how your organisation can embrace the continuing surge of technology and innovation. To help you on your way, here’s a top-level description of containers and trends that we discuss in TechnoVision 2021.

Invisible infostructure

Evolving the IT Infrastructure into the simple, pluggable utility it was always supposed to be.

  • The Soft, the Hard and the Virtual – Infrastructure turns virtual, software-driven and automated, delivered as easy-to-consume services
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Container – All the complex infrastructure an application needs to run on, nothing to see but containers
  • Simply the Edge ­­– 5G and The Fog expand the edges of IT infrastructure further into the real world, making the digital twins of ‘things’ more realistic and smarter than ever
  • Ops, AI did it Again – AI comes to the rescue of complex IT operations, improving step-by-step efficiency and reliability while it learns, on its way to full autonomy
  • Ceci n’est pas une Infrastructure – Continuously build and deploy the next generation of software services, without even noticing infrastructure

Applications Unleashed

Liberating the legacy application landscape and unleashing the next generation of powerful, agile, cloud-based apps.

  • Kondo My Portfolio – Tidying up the applications portfolio in a systematic, decisive way to open the floodgates of innovation, hyper-agility and the next generation of powerful applications
  • Bot is the New App – Providing compelling, conversational, frictionless access to application services, with the user’s intentions at the core – not the application
  • When Code Goes Low… – Low-code and no-code platforms make building next-generation application services a high-productivity matter, for both IT and business specialists
  • API Economy – Manage APIs as the core asset that makes both the internal organisation and the outside world fully benefit from your application services – and vice versa
  • Apps❤️AI – Systematically infusing new and existing applications with AI capabilities, making them smarter, autonomous, valuable, with a positive impact on society and the environment

Thriving on Data

Leveraging data and algorithms as an asset to increase the “Corporate IQ”.

  • Crazy Data Train – Data is the strategic asset and it needs to be managed as such, by deeply understanding its sources and destinations, and mastering all ways of the enterprise to activate at the very heart of the business
  • Power to the People – A lack of specialised skills, the need to activate the data as close to the business as possible, and some powerful AI and automation, are igniting the self- service data revolution
  • Good tAImes – As the currents of business become less predictable and erratic AI solutions require to become transparent and clear as water, executives and customers steer away from dark places and towards AI that illuminates the company purpose
  • Data Apart Together – If the organisation is distributed and data is everywhere, it is best to manage data in a federative way, balancing local ownership and a central platform drive
  • How Deep is Your Math? – Challenge everything you’ve tried so far with analytics and algorithms, AI brings alternative, awesome ways to solve problems

Process on the Fly

Building, managing, and running processes that match the dynamics of the digital outside world.

  • Processes 101 – Creating a deep understanding of corporate processes as a prerequisite for simplification, standardisation and intelligent automation and innovation
  • Rock, Robot Rock – Robotic Process Automation (RPA) delivers quick process benefits without elaborate and troublesome re-engineering
  • Pleased to Meet You, Process – Busting corporate silos by adding flexible process layers on top of them, rather than breaking solid, established structures
  • Can’t Touch This – A process seamlessly adapting to its environment, optimising itself without human intervention. Is that even a process anymore?
  • Augmented Me – Adding AI to business operations speeds up decision-making and creates the symbiotic relationship that brings humans and AI closer together

You Experience

Creating seamless user experiences for decisive, magical moments.

  • Signature Moments – Using technology for better understanding of the customer’s journey; creating the magical, standout moments that form a long-lasting connection with your brand
  • Reality Bytes – An engaging mixed reality environment potentially makes for far more compelling, effective interactions between man and machine
  • Own Private Avatar – Creating an active, well-aligned marketplace of digital assistants that can act on behalf of customers, employees and organisational entities
  • I Feel for You – Boosting both the individual and corporate EQ, in order to create a more effective, meaningful and satisfying symbiosis between man and machine
  • No Friction – Autonomous technology can create a user experience that is so fluent and adaptive, it’s almost not experienced anymore

We Collaborate

Tapping into the power of the connected and collaborative “everything”.

  • The Team is the Canvas – Leveraging teams-oriented workspaces for collaboratively creating joint business results
  • Fluid Workforce – Adaptive orchestration of skills to beat complexity and thrive on unpredictability
  • New Chain on the Block  – Using distributed ledger technology to drive next-generation trusted business ecosystems
  • Use the 5G Force, Luke – Tapping into the potential of 5G networks to create brand new, highly collaborative business propositions
  • Creative Machine – Unleashing a new wave of man-machine creativity by letting AI do the heavy lifting of producing it

Balance by Design

Overarching design principles to be followed and checked for a Technology Business to become flowing, adaptive, and responsive.

  • Adapt First – Move Adaptability from Afterthought to Prime Time
  • With Open Arms – Turn your open platform into a business magnet
  • Symbiosis for Life – Shift from Alignment to Unity
  • IQ EQ CQ up – Power up your business with all three cylinders of IQ, EQ and CQ
  • Trust Thrust – Accelerate Trust Building
  • No Hands on Deck – Self-adapt: from automation to autonomy
  • What’s Our Story? – Put a human’s face on your purpose stories

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