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Financial Services Academy

As a member of the Financial Services Academy arm of the Consultant Development Community (CDC), you will develop the knowledge and skills required of a Management Consultant in Financial Services.

You will join our Consultant Development Community (CDC) and in two years you will become a well-rounded and entrepreneurial Management Consultant within the Financial Services (FS) sector.  You will be committed to roles with key FS clients that will enable you to grow your industry knowledge through large scale transformation projects in banking, insurance and wealth. Internally, your development will be supplemented by structured training to ensure that you can help clients shape their organisations to meet new market challenges, enhance customer experience and ultimately achieve their strategic goals.

We focus on the following key areas to support and develop your experience, knowledge and careers:

  • Retail & Commercial Banking
  • Insurance & Wealth
  • Digital Banking
  • Customer Experience
  • Risk, Regulation & Compliance

The programme is designed for talented graduates and second jobbers who would like the opportunity to develop consulting skills and capability within the Financial Services sector. You will develop a deep understanding of the business challenges our Financial Services clients face, and learn how factors such as regulation, automation and Brexit are impacting the industry. You will also create relationships and acquire a foundation of consulting skills, tools and methodologies to help you to build your consulting career.

At the end of the two-year programme, subject to performance, you will have the opportunity for further specialism in Financial Services or the chance to rotate and move into a new area depending on your career aspirations.

Learning and Development

What You will Need

What You Will Do

More Information

Learning and Development

You will start your consulting career at Capgemini Invent with an intensive 2 week induction followed up by a 3-day residential Consulting Skills Workshop run by our renowned Capgemini University.

During the 2-year programme, the FS Academy offers a wide range of training on specific FS topics, giving you the freedom to shape your career whilst gaining a well-rounded appreciation of the FS industry.

You will get to choose from a suite of accreditations including:

  • Agile and Scrum accreditation
  • PRINCE2 Foundation Level
  • CIMA’s Financial Management for Business qualification
  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

In addition to these, as someone aligned to FS, you’ll have the opportunity to study for industry recognised accreditations in FS including:

  • Professional Banker Certification

What You Will Need

We are especially interested in hearing from you if you have previously worked in Financial Services, or have a background in Project Management, Business or financial reporting.

You will be or have:

  • To be a critical thinker, curious by nature, passionate about solving problems and keen to embrace technology in all its aspects
  • Be ready to start learning from day 1, on the job and through our core curriculum courses
  • To be great at building relationships and fostering trust
  • A strong desire to further your own personal development
  • To be comfortable working away from home for up to 5 days per week

At Capgemini, academics form part of our overall hiring decision but we don’t screen out purely on the basis of academic performance. We will assess your suitability for a role using a number of tools including strengths and critical reasoning assessments, video interviewing and assessment centres

Experience of working in the Financial Services sector and/or demonstrate a strong interest in Financial Services.

What You Will Do

You will develop your core consulting skills by helping our FS clients change the way they work, behave and achieve their goals. You’ll have the opportunity to work on large scale transformation programmes – anywhere in the UK or further afield – and ensure the smooth delivery of end to end projects by working flexibly in different business areas and delivering innovative solutions for clients.

While working with FS clients, you will be committed to longer rotations to allow for the development of your knowledge of the sector you will be working in. Roles that you will be put forward for include those in Project Management Office, Business Analysis, Process Mapping, Customer Journey Mapping and more.

You will develop your experience and knowledge in Digital, Retail and Corporate Banking, Insurance & Wealth, Products & Services and Regulation & Compliance. You will also have the chance to contribute to our business through a wide range of internal activities, enabling you to grow and play your part in shaping your own career.

You will get involved in stakeholder management, facilitating and hosting workshops, producing content for senior stakeholders and working with the project lead to deliver a proposition or solution. You’ll use your excellent organisational skills to ensure you manage multiple stakeholders. You’ll be incredibly flexible, adapting to the day to day changes which occur on every significant programme, and nimble in the way you work.

More Information

CDC Programme – Financial Services Consulting Academy  – Whilst we continue to build in Financial Services and it is a priority for our business, we will not be hiring specifically into an Financial Services Academy in our February 2019 intake, this does not mean that if you have a passion or interest in the sector that you should not apply for the other academies, it is likely you could work within this sector during the programme. You can also register your interest  so that we can contact you should we open applications for the Financial Service Academy

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