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Capgemini Ventures

Innovation cannot happen in a vacuum. It needs energy and momentum. It needs a thriving ecosystem that provides partnerships and investment initiatives for both large organisations and the brightest startups. Capgemini Ventures, part of our Open Innovation strategy, was conceived to do just that.

Capgemini Ventures aims at co-creating and delivering value with startups, clients, and tech partners. By building a joint go-to-market with startups and partner ecosystems and in some cases, making minority investments through the ISAI Cap Venture Fund, we are able to provide greater value for our clients.

Our focus:

  • Corporate Ventures: Our Group Corporate Venture Capital fund, jointly set up with ISAI for minority investments, is focused on accelerating the growth of the most promising B2B startups worldwide.
  • Startup Catalyst: We leverage an end-to-end framework for startup ecosystem management that is designed to enable collaboration in a structured way between Capgemini and startups to provide value to our clients.
  • Business Ventures: We’re engineering new ecosystems joining forces with our clients, startups and other technology and industry leaders to forge a new path forward taking advantage of technology evolution.

We connect startups and corporates successfully, as evidenced through our best practices charter. This charter was signed in France and is specific to the local market. Download the English version and contact us to find out what we can do in your market.

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