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Capgemini introduces the Momentum Tracker for Rugby7s

The Capgemini Momentum Tracker is a tool aiming at highlighting both performance and improvement.

For the 2019-20 season, we have worked together with World Rugby to develop the Momentum Tracker, a new and unique way to understand team performance. Aggregating a wide range of match data, the Momentum Tracker analyses and measures a team’s performance and its ability to improve throughout the campaign.

Results are tracked cumulatively over the entire season, culminating in an award given at the end of the season, at the World Rugby awards ceremony, to both the captain and coach of the most improved team.Please allow statistical cookies to see this Youtube embed

Why Momentum?

Raw data collected during the game needs to be challenged, compared to other data, put into context for better analysis of the game and team performance. However, data measures different things on different scales and this is one of the difficulties we face while analysing the data. With Momentum Tracker we want to provide an analysis of the team performance that cannot be evaluated by just looking at the data that we have available after the game.

The Capgemini Momentum tracker tool uses an algorithm aiming at highlighting both performance and improvement thanks to a set of calculations based on raw data and turns it into a simple score ready to be used by teams and fans alike.

Some of the data points the tool uses are:

  • Ranking points (score out of 22)
  • Win ratio (%)
  • Restarts regained (%)
  • Point differential (from -150 to +150)

The algorithm then calculates a performance score resulting from the analysis of these values. It then compares this performance score to the latest tournament scores and the average season performance score.

And for the season momentum ranking score, like the one you see below, we add another component which is the global series ranking evolution, which is, average ranking during the season +  the series ranking evolution. At the end of the calculation, the lowest score wins.

Here is a snapshot of how the season momentum tracker table looks after Canada7s:

Women’s Series:

Momentum Tracker table | Capgemini

Men’s Series:

Momentum Tracker table | Capgemini

Check the full Capgemini Momentum Tracker 2020 table.