The Index is a tool that will enable practitioners delivering services to children
to identify and contact one another easily and quickly, so that they can, where
appropriate, share relevant information about children who need services or about
whose welfare they are concerned.

The contract has been awarded under the long-term partnering agreement that commenced
with the DfES in 2002. Over the past four years Capgemini has completed several
key projects under this agreement and during this period the company has undergone
three independent annual benchmarking exercises on its work at the DfES, all of
which have confirmed Capgemini’s delivery of value for money at the Department.

John Cummings, Vice President for the Education Sector at Capgemini, said: ‘It
is great news that we will be playing a key role in such a crucial project and
it gives us the chance to work alongside the Department to deliver something of
real value to practitioners as they strive to achieve better outcomes for children
in this country.’

Chris Jackson, Capgemini project director, added that the Index will provide
an important tool to help improve communication between the key practitioners
needed for the effective delivery of services for children, young people and families
and, when necessary, to protect them. He also highlighted that ensuring appropriate
security and access controls would be paramount in producing the design.

Design of the technical solution is scheduled for completion by the end of December
2006. During this period Capgemini will work with the Department for Education
and Skills Index project team and will develop a fully defined and costed specification
for the technical solution.

The DfES plans to implement the Index in all local authorities in England by
the end of 2008.

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