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Date: Thursday 1st February 2024

Time: 08:30-12:00

Address: Capgemini, 40 Holborn Viaduct, London EC1N 2PB.

Join us for an exclusive, breakfast workshop to explore key opportunities facing the travel and transport industry.

This is not just another “sit and listen” event. Expect a highly collaborative session in which colleagues from across the sector swap ideas on how to tackle hot topics like sustainability, intelligent industry, customer experience, multi-modal transport and 5G.

Join experts from Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange as we seek to fundamentally challenge the way we think about the future of travel & transport and show you how Capgemini can help accelerate those thoughts into action.


We believe there is a great opportunity for the industry to collaborate, think and reflect with like-minded peers focusing on some key opportunities facing the industry including:

Sustainability – The travel & transport industry is often viewed through a more negative lens when it comes to sustainability, with airplane fuel and diesel trains tarnishing what is a largely electrified and increasingly sustainable sector . How do we share information and progress made in the industry with the general public?

Customer experience – How can we make it easy to engage with passengers from the point of “initiation”, right the way through to completing the trip? Be it through purely virtual mode or contact centre.

Multi-modal transport – What technology can we use to connect a passenger’s entire journey from the moment they leave their house to the moment they arrive at their destination – across taxis, bus, trains, trams, airplanes – with something that covers all aspects of transport, instead of separate tickets?

Intelligent industry – What is the latest thinking around intelligent industry that can help us? T&T companies are good at collecting data but not as good at turning it into information and action. Where can we go with smart airports, for example?

5G – How can the network infrastructure be leveraged as an asset for digital acceleration rather than a commodity? What are the latest trends amongst T&T clients globally? How to make a 5G investment with satisfactory ROI and what are the challenges to address in that transformation.

Blog Series – Smoothing the way to frictionless travel 

Turning data into information is key to paving the way for ‘frictionless travel’. Here’s how to start – Mike Dwyer, Head of Intelligent Industry, Capgemini UK

Listen, understand, and build a relationship with your passengers to improve their customer experience – Dominic Corrigan, Engagement Manager

5G has “come of age”. Here’s why and how the travel & transport industry should take notice – Anastasia Karatrantou

Is it time to prioritise adapting transport infrastructure for the physical risks of climate change? – Osman Kocini

How can the UK transport industry make real headway in multi-modal transport? – Graham Upton


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