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paris air show | JUNE 19-25

Bring your vision into focus.

Capgemini is excited to participate in the 54th edition of the Paris International Air Show. Connect with Aerospace and Defence industry leaders from around the globe and learn about the latest technological innovations.

Where can you get the best view of the airfield? Reserve your space at the Capgemini Chalet.

Aerospace and defence leaders are facing a future that is both uncertain and constrained. Geopolitical conflicts and ongoing effects of the pandemic are destabilising markets end to end. However, we at Capgemini believe that a future of uncertainty is a future of opportunity.

We see a future where executives can be visionaries, tapping into today’s innovations and technologies to utilise the convergence of products, software, data, and services. At Capgemini, we call this Intelligent Industry – the next phase of business transformation cutting across all facets of customer interaction, business operations, R&D, engineering, manufacturing, and supply chains.

We have selected five themes for the five days of Paris Air Show:

Monday June 19

Intelligent support and services

Explore Intelligent Industry through the lens of intelligent support and services. Smart supply chain and intelligent manufacturing affect the very foundation of Aerospace & Defence – if you only attend one day, make it this one.

  • Smart supply chain
  • New smart plant

Tuesday June 20

Capgemini as a partner of the aerospace and defence industry

Bringing the most innovative technologies to market is a team effort. Learn how we work with our extended network of partners to bring the newest technologies to your most critical business issues.   

  • C3: Cloud, cyber and compliance
  • Circular Economy: Sustainable development and the aerospace industry

Wednesday June 21

Connected and sustainable aerospace and defence

Data continuity and connectivity are critical for the future of aerospace and defence. Join as we discuss what it means to be truly connected in the aerospace and defence sectors.

  • The connected aerospace and defence industry
  • Sustainable development in the aerospace and defence industry

Thursday June 22

Digital continuity

Trends such as digital twins add intelligence to the real world and accelerate digital innovation. Learn how digital continuity can set the stage for transformation.

Friday June 23

Next generation

What is the next generation of aviation, space, and defence? We take a closer look at the future of the industry, and the people and technologies who we expect to make an impact.

  • The next generation of aviation, space and defence
  • The advance of women in the aerospace and defence industry

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Explore our demos

During the week, our experts will present our latest innovations for the aerospace and defence industry, including:

Explore the digital twin of a medical delivery drone, from specification to initial prototype.

Our research & innovation teams have been collaborating for 2 years alongside EuroAirship to take up an unprecedented challenge: circumnavigating the world in a rigid airship powered by sustainable energy.
Tracking of objects (geolocation of goods, logistics, traceability of physical flows, automatic inventory) and people, for security (geolocation, evacuation procedure, isolated worker tracking, access control and gas detection).

Our Lab in India helps our customers achieve 30% energy savings by monitoring and managing their energy performance.

Aerospace and Defence

We bring together the capabilities to reimagine the way A&D leaders design, engineer, manufacture, and service complex products – harnessing today’s technologies to launch into a successful tomorrow.

Meet our people

Ian Hampson

Vice President, Head of Aerospace and Defence UK
Ian heads up Aerospace and Defence in the UK for the private sector, working in partnership with several major Aerospace and Defence organisations to achieve their business goals, whether this be through digital transformation, incremental change, or taking the strain of the day-to-day running. Ian has gained experience across multiple sectors leading major engagements with key clients and is passionate about building successful teams and relationships to deliver business value to our clients.

Lee Annecchino

Executive Vice President, Global Aerospace & Defence Leader

Julian Relph

Expert in Automotive, Life Science, Manufacturing

Caroline Sloan

Senior Account Executive, Aerospace and Defence

Zoe Jackson

Vice President, Manufacturing and Aerospace and Defence Growth
Zoe is Vice President and Head of Automotive and Manufacturing growth in the UK. Zoe has a particular focus on understanding the challenges of Aerospace and Defence organisations and helping them to develop and deliver organisational, process and technology solutions to improve their business performance.

Mike Dwyer

Head of Intelligent Industry, Capgemini UK
Mike leads the Intelligent Industry Centre of Expertise (CoEx) in the UK and brings a deep knowledge of Industry 4.0 and how it transforms the worlds of engineering, manufacturing, service, and operations and through the process, systems, data, people & culture change. Mike is an experienced digital engineering consulting and delivery lead with 25 years of working in R&D, engineering development and digital transformation for Rolls-Royce Defence and Siemens Germany. Mike has worked in other organisations across a variety of sectors including Aerospace & Defence, Power Generation, Rail, Oil and Gas, Formula 1, and Electronics & High-Tech.

Graham Upton

Head of Technology & Innovation & Chief Architect Intelligent Industry
Graham is the Capgemini Engineering Intelligent Industry Lead Architect and is an influential senior leader with proven capability in identifying, developing and implementing state of the art and future technology solutions at a strategic level within complex, multinational organisations. Graham leverages a 30+ year career in industry and consulting having an extensive knowledge in design engineering, manufacturing operations and industry leading digital advances.