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Join Capgemini at DSEI 2023

Helping our clients to achieve a digital culture

Capgemini is proud to be exhibiting at DSEI 2023. The event brings together and connects governments, national armed forces, industry thought leaders and the entire defence and security supply chain on a global scale for the 12th time under the common objective of achieving an integrated force.

When: 12th – 15th September

Where: ExceL London, Hall 1, Future Tech Hub, Stand H1-456

This year our theme is ‘Powering Your Digital Capabilities, Defining Your Digital Culture.’ Embracing a Digital Culture is essential for organisations in Aerospace and Defence to maintain a competitive edge amidst challenges like resource scarcity, sustainability concerns, and streamlined value chain delivery. To meet the demand for connected and insight-driven services, a transformative shift is vital across all defense supply chain tiers. We help our clients to understand:

  • which digital investments are driving the largest value creation across the defence product lifecycle
  • the value these digital assets can bring to their information and data
  • how to extract the value from their digital assets in defence

Join us at our stand (H1-456) for four days of packed sessions and live demos covering everything from connected defence, to embracing a digital culture, and innovative approaches to sustainability.

Check out our agenda for the week below and register for any sessions that intrigue you, or simply let us know your availability to arrange a meeting at our stand.

We have selected four themes for the four days of DSEI:

Connected Defence

Witness captivating live demonstrations of our advanced models and immerse yourself in the world of Digital capabilities and Digital culture with our expert team

Morning Session: Making the Most of Your Applications

Engage with interactive demos showcasing Reflect IOD and delve into discussions on user experience (UX) optimisation

Afternoon Session: Embracing a Digital Culture

Experience the fascinating Robodog demo and join our experts in discussing topics such as UX, bridging the talent gap, and leveraging Enterprise Gen AI to augment your expert workforce

Morning Session: Sustainability at Its Finest

·       Explore our groundbreaking Hyprope technology and engage with the interactive live scribe wall
·       Discover innovative approaches to sustainability, including insights on welding blankets

Afternoon Session: Unlocking the Future of IT

·       Immerse yourself in the world of automation through our captivating demos
·       Our experts will unveil the transformative power of AI and Digital Twins

Morning Session: Optimising Your OT (Operational Technology)

Engage in thought-provoking discussions on the convergence of IT/OT, sustainability, and the potential of Digital Twins

Afternoon Session: Envisioning the Future of IT

Discover effective strategies for maximizing the value of your information assets

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What we do in the A&D sector

R&D and engineering services

  • Our longstanding experience in the sector enables us to help our clients design and develop their products with improved systems engineering and integration. Our solutions for product and service innovation helps our clients achieve zero distance with customers and build highly responsive and effective service and support capabilities.

    At the same time, they can optimise their costs, increase operational efficiency, and develop profitable new services.

Next-generation operations

  • We help achieve transformation by assisting green aircraft programs, data-driven operations, and autonomous systems. We also help improve operations with data and model-based-driven production, and in future services such as urban mobility, CO2 monitoring support, and decommissioning optimisation.

Digital transformation

  • Digital transformation isn’t a one-off event – it’s a continuing process. We develop key pillars to support our defence and security clients at every stage, including digital continuity for product lifecycle management (PLM), adoption of digital twins, workforce and process optimisation, software factories, and net zero models.

Meet our experts

Mike Dwyer

Head of Intelligent Industry, Capgemini UK
Mike leads the Intelligent Industry Centre of Expertise (CoEx) in the UK and brings a deep knowledge of Industry 4.0 and how it transforms the worlds of engineering, manufacturing, service, and operations and through the process, systems, data, people & culture change. Mike is an experienced digital engineering consulting and delivery lead with 25 years of working in R&D, engineering development and digital transformation for Rolls-Royce Defence and Siemens Germany. Mike has worked in other organisations across a variety of sectors including Aerospace & Defence, Power Generation, Rail, Oil and Gas, Formula 1, and Electronics & High-Tech.

Ian Hampson

Vice President, Head of Aerospace and Defence UK
Ian heads up Aerospace and Defence in the UK for the private sector, working in partnership with several major Aerospace and Defence organisations to achieve their business goals, whether this be through digital transformation, incremental change, or taking the strain of the day-to-day running. Ian has gained experience across multiple sectors leading major engagements with key clients and is passionate about building successful teams and relationships to deliver business value to our clients.

Graham Upton

Head of Technology & Innovation & Chief Architect Intelligent Industry
Graham is the Capgemini Engineering Intelligent Industry Lead Architect and is an influential senior leader with proven capability in identifying, developing and implementing state of the art and future technology solutions at a strategic level within complex, multinational organisations. Graham leverages a 30+ year career in industry and consulting having an extensive knowledge in design engineering, manufacturing operations and industry leading digital advances.

Zoe Jackson

Vice President, Manufacturing and Aerospace and Defence Growth
Zoe is Vice President and Head of Automotive and Manufacturing growth in the UK. Zoe has a particular focus on understanding the challenges of Aerospace and Defence organisations and helping them to develop and deliver organisational, process and technology solutions to improve their business performance.

Simon MacWhirter

Senior Vice President and Global Client Partner
A former electrical engineer in the aerospace industry, Simon has spent the last 25 years at Capgemini using this background to advise service and manufacturing clients on the benefits, challenges and transformation digital technology can make to their businesses. Now a Vice President and Global Client Partner, Simon is responsible for Capgemini’s work with one of the largest defence organisations while making sure they have the right capabilities to adapt their IT and OT systems to rapidly changing geopolitical challenges.