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Client Stories

Region Skane Puts Patients on the Fast Track to Recovery

Capgemini collaborates with SYSteam Health & Care to simplify the region’s patient care coordination and planning

“ We’ve never seen such a looking system before at Region Skåne. The municipalities have also been pleased that the system requires little training, thus reducing the demands on front line staff. ”Annika Rönnberg, Project Manager, Skane Regional Council

The Situation

Patient care following a hospital visit requires a lot of coordination and planning. This planning spans many organizations, including hospitals, municipalities, primary health care centers, and private units. The process also involves a range of professionals including doctors, nurses, therapists, and administrative personnel. Overall, some 200 organizations are involved in the planning process, and it must be possible for them to exchange information on patients securely. Region Skåne – a Swedish county council – wanted to simplify this entire procedure. It was looking to improve its patient care planning system in a bid to reduce administrative costs by half, while making patient information more secure.

The Solution

Capgemini worked with SYSteam Health & Care to develop a user friendly solution that made the patient care planning process both faster, and more secure. The new system enabled confidential patient information to be viewed by all relevant players in the process, whether in private or municipal organizations, or in the county itself. The solution finally implemented was so intuitive that the medical practitioners using it required only a minimum of training. More importantly, the solution formed the foundation for Region Skåne’s implementation of Service-oriented architecture (SOA).

The Result

As a direct result of implementing the solution, the huge cost of Patient Care planning and administration is expected to be significantly reduced. Patient information is now protected on a role/unit level, ensuring that only the right personnel have access – which is logged – thus enforcing higher levels of patient security. Moreover, the SOA platform that was part of the delivery is now being used for several other applications at Region Skåne, thereby adding more value.