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Client Stories

Nationwide’s ServiceNow upgrade delivered with support from Capgemini

Capgemini was tasked with upgrading a heavily customised ServiceNow environment, running on a legacy version, in order to improve performance for Nationwide’s 24,000 end users and remain in support. At the same time, it was vital the upgrade was completed within a short timescale and without impact to existing usage or platform performance, including the 23 external systems it was integrated with.

In response, Capgemini supported Nationwide by leveraging proven business analysis, development and testing capabilities to deliver an upgrade from Helsinki to Kingston. Configuration moved closer to ‘out of the box’ improving supportability, performance and simplifying future upgrades. In addition, test case scripts including functionals, integration and regression tests were created and rationalised, to minimise upgrade risks and streamline future testing.  The final approach used a tried and tested delivery framework to manage development and testing and to deliver the solution within three agile sprints.

The implementation resulted in improved performance for end users and zero outage for critical processes. In addition, the Security rating of the platform was improved through instance configuration hardening and best practice development moving to “out of the box” functionality and removal of customisations.

Going forward, there is now a clear roadmap for ongoing platform cadence management and automation and an improved, streamlined and repeatable upgrade process.