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Client Stories

Improved insight drives product innovation and increases campaign performance

A global consumer goods business was struggling with the quality of insight and research being delivered via different agencies. We were brought in to help reinvigorate the way it captured consumer insight and engaged with customers across multiple channels.

The Situation

The company was relying on insights agencies to deliver commissioned research and the quality of information was limited by the data available to the individual agency. In addition, there was no integrated approach to turn insights into action, leaving the company unable to respond rapidly to the fast-moving consumer landscape.

There was also inefficiency as data purchase and services were frequently duplicated globally, with research and analysis projects typically carried out in silos. This resulted in a lack of focus and little globally coordinated activity.

The Solution

We refreshed the approach to data capture and analysis, establishing social listening and analysis centres to draw data from a range of sources such as social channels and research information. These new capabilities and actionable consumer insights were developed using a test and learn basis over four agile sprints. We then worked with the client’s brand teams to develop user stories with clear actions and outcomes.

The technology behind the solution included advanced analytics such as social conversation analysis, sentiment/affinity analysis, multi-lingual listening, influencer analysis, market mix modeling, social brand equity modeling and social media/web analytics. We are also experimenting with emerging analytics and visualisation technologies.

The Result

The approach was rolled out across all brands, with some initial highlights including:

  • Cosmetics brand: real-time social listening and engagement support at major brand-sponsored fashion event delivered 125% uplift in campaign performance.
  • Food brand: social listening and analysis uncovered several category and product development opportunities that were then included within the brand’s innovation pipeline.
  • Beverage brand: consumer insight validated and improved how the brand was positioned across channels. This identified key brand influencers that could be used to build advocacy, reach and engagement