On 25 October, Philip Renfrey, Programme Director Defence, Capgemini will compete in this year’s Great South Run for the Meningitis Research Foundation
(MRF) dressed as the charity’s mascot, Marvin the Monster.

Philip as Marvin, the Meningitis Research Foundation mascot

Philip dressed as Marvin the Monster 

The Great South Run will take place around Portsmouth and the participants will
be running for a distance of 10 miles. Philip says, “If I make it in under two hours, I’ll be delirious.

He’ll be raising funds to tackle meningitis – a disease that causes around 300
deaths in the UK every year – many of them in the under-fives. Philip also has
a personal reason for running for MRF, ‘It’s the thirtieth anniversary of losing my son Aiden to meningitis when he was
just three years old.

To find out more about Philip’s mission, click here: Philip Renfrey’s Fundraising Page.

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