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Financial services


Web 3.0 in financial services podcast

Hear from Yuval Rooz, CEO & Co-founder of Digital Asset; Sankar Krishnan, Digital Assets leader at Capgemini, as they share unique perspectives on the capital markets and digital assets, today and for the future.

Given the so-called “crypto winter” of 2022 and including the recent FTX meltdown, digital assets have taken a beating during the past year. But even so, digital assets are approaching the 1 trillion mark in 2023.

What does the New Year hold for digital assets and financial services? And what are some of the other industries that are looking at digital assets as a strategy to drive business?

About Web 3.0 in Financial Services

Welcome to Web 3.0 podcast, a new series where we explore the evolution of web technologies in financial services. In each episode, our host, Sankar Krishnan, talks to leaders and practitioners about their stories and experiences in the field of metaverse, digital assets, blockchain, decentralised finance, cryptocurrency, machine learning, AI, to name a few.

About the host

Sankar Krishnan

Executive Vice President, Strategy & Corporate Development, Capgemini Financial Services