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TechnoVision: technology trends for 2022

TechnoVision is Capgemini’s specialist source of annual technology guidance equips enterprises with a route map around emerging technology trends and innovations affecting organisations both today and tomorrow.

TechnoVision 2022, in its 14th edition builds on our long standing heritage of expert guidance. Every business is a technology business. In a rapidly changing technological universe, more is demanded now, with a need to respond faster than ever before. Mastering a Technology Business requires an insight of the industry’s key trends, an understanding of how to make them work, and how to move from simply articulating aspirations to actually “Being Like Water” as a fluid and responsive Technology Business.

It is designed as an accessible, well-structured framework, describing 37 technology trends that help business and technology leaders navigate from insight to action.

TechnoVision 2022 categorizes today’s key technology trends into six well-defined containers. From user experience and collaboration, via data and process automation, all the way through to infrastructure and applications, these containers provide a snapshot of innovation:

  • A wide-ranging CIO report delves into those containers and describes 37 technology trends in detail, based on the contributions of Capgemini’s global experts. Practitioners can use these detailed descriptions to understand how emerging technologies might be applied in their businesses.
  • A focused CXO report shares the business benefits of the six containers that we identify, showing how a sharp focus on the key technology business issues of today can allow executives to design, plan and get the future its organisation wants.