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Sustainable procurement – a pathway to responsible business operations

Build a resilient, connected, sustainable supply chain that drives growth

Ongoing adverse environmental disruption has made it clear that humankind needs to revolutionise the way we produce and consume goods and services in order to have a positive impact on our planet.

As a consequence, businesses are now putting sustainability and decarbonisation at the core of their strategy, implementing initiatives to reduce their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, while also driving business outcomes and value from complying with new regulatory obligations.

Procurement has the potential to play a significant role in enabling organisations to achieve their decarbonisation goals. By identifying the opportunities to embed sustainability into key procurement processes, organisations can gain visibility into their supply chain operations and help them understand and manage the associated risks. It also ensures the right access and data quality of the supply chain to drive effective management of carbon reporting – leading to a more connected procurement function.

In this paper, we argue that taking a small steps approach to effectively embed sustainability into your procurement operations can help you build a resilient, responsible, connected supply chain that minimizes environmental impact, promotes fair labor practices, and creates positive impact within your organisation and the communities in which you operate.

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Did you know only 55% of organisations include emissions data in their decision-making, while only 13% of organisations have adopted a carbon management solution at scale?

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Meet our experts

Greg Bateup

Head of Cognitive Procurement Services, Capgemini’s Business Services
Greg Bateup has worked with clients to deliver business transformation and BPO services for almost 30 years. For the last few years, Greg has focused on the digital transformation of the source-to-pay function, and how organisations can not only drive efficiencies in the procurement function, but also drive compliance and savings.

Jenny Monterroso

Procurement Transformation Manager, Guatemala