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Smart factories are increasingly being utilised by industry as part of the transition toward digitisation. Being connected to cloud or the internet, they bring a plethora of communicative advantages. However, this network connection also creates a larger surface area vulnerable to attack via digital means.

As a result, smart factories are being widely targeted by cyberattacks. In our newest Capgemini Research Institute report, Smart & Secure: Why smart factories need to prioritise cybersecurity, we explored the issue in detail and surveyed 950 organisations to gauge their level of cybersecurity preparedness as it relates to smart factories.

Smart factories are undoubtedly the way forward for manufacturing, but their increased exposure to cyberattacks comes with multiple risks. Considering the increasing frequency of cyberattacks, which affected 40% of the surveyed organisations, with 73% of these occurring in the previous 12 months, it has become critical for organisations to ensure that cybersecurity is prioritised at their smart factories.

To read more about the issues surrounding cybersecurity in smart factories and how organisations can respond with robust cybersecurity measures, download the report.