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Shaping the AI-enabled customer experience_AI Enabled
Data and AI

Shaping the AI-enabled customer experience

An effective AI-driven customer-first approach can meet the rising expectations of today’s customers and enable financial services companies to deliver the right customer experience at the right time—to boost revenue and customer satisfaction

AI is revolutionising the industry’s ability to derive insights from all the data and put it to work to generate value. However, from the customer’s perspective, the growing use of these technologies is not always leading to an improved customer experience.

With a customer-first approach, AI can be used to understand not only the customer, but also the context of each interaction so that it reflects the customer’s needs and expectations at that moment. Financial services companies can use AI fueled by data to create a “customer-first engine” that supports the development and delivery of powerful customer experiences.

AI-enabled customer experience can deliver a:

boost in revenue
increase in customer satisfaction
reduced effort in audience selection
decrease in operational costs

These technologies make it possible to work with large amounts of data quickly; understand who customers are and what they intend to do; uncover ways to serve them more effectively; and do it all on a near real-time basis.

Unlike traditional approaches, AI enables companies to continually hone their understanding of customers and dynamically reshape customer experiences to provide them with real value—which in turn fosters long-term relationships that benefit both customer and company.

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